Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Hello friends and folk!  I hope there are still some of you out there reading this.  I apologize for disappearing but he loss of Lola and my DH's declining health have just knocked the wind out of my sails.  Our house has been so empty without Lola here.  I haven't been doing much sewing or stitching but we did acquire a new family member.

Introducing Betty!  Betty is a 3-4 year old Boxer that we adopted from Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue.  She was found running the streets in Darlington, SC and spent almost a month in the pound there before she was rescued.  She has been living with a foster family in Georgia since late October.   She was heartworm positive so she had to have those treated before she could be adopted. We met her foster parents in Charlotte last Sunday to bring her to her forever home with us.

 Needless to say we have had quite a busy week getting to know each other.  She is remarkably calm for a Boxer but she does have her moments of craziness.  She love to counter surf, zoom up and down the hallway, and toss her toys right past your head.  :o)

We are in love!
So if you don't hear from me for a while I am probably out walking Betty or taking a nap.  :o)

Friday, March 7, 2014

What a Mess!

Hello friends!  This morning I headed to work at 7 am.  We had lots of rain and wind last night but no ice on the trees at my house.  I was about 10 minutes into my commute when I noticed the trees were covered with ice.  Then about 5 minutes later I came upon a tree down across the road.  Luckily it only blocked one lane so I was able to drive around it.  About 2 miles further and I came upon a tree completely across the road.
 This isn't the actual tree but it looked just like this.  So I had to back up, turn around and try another way.  I went down another road only to encounter a live power line across the street.  At this point I turned around again and headed back home.  Only one person was able to make it to work and we lost power there about an hour after she arrived so we ended up closing for the day. 

Have you seen these charity designs by Little House Needleworks and Shakespeare's Peddler?

If you haven't then you need to run not walk and check them out.

I ordered the doggie one and it arrived today.  As soon as I get off this computer I am going to kit it up and get started.  I love them both and the money is going toward such a good cause.  Lola, Jacxon, Glitter, and Ziggy were all rescues and I am a big supporter of animal rescue.  

I hope you are all safe and warm and have a wonderful weekend!  I hope to do lots of stitching and maybe a little bit of sewing.  :o)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Friends and Tea

Hello!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  The weather in NC was beautiful.  We went from 70 degrees and sunny yesterday to freezing today with sleet and snow.  Go figure.

I met Chris for an early breakfast yesterday. It was so good to see her again and catch up.  She gave me a wonderful kit along with a lovely card.  (I am soooo spoiled)
 I also received some happy mail from my friend Norma last week.  Just look at this lovely Valentine she sent me.
 I totally missed Valentine's Day this year.  With Lola's illness and subsequent passing my mind just wasn't there.

Now I would like to invite you all to enjoy a cup of tea.  :o)

Or perhaps coffee is more your thing.

Just another one of those bees I get in my bonnet.  :o)  I had an idea to make a cup pincushion and look what happened!  I just had to make some themed pins to go along with my cuppa.

 The "creamer" for the coffee houses a magnet so I can park my needle or a pin.

I am still tweaking the design but I think I like them. I am going to try using felt for the cup next time.

Thank you for visiting and for all your lovely comments.  I hope you have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And Sew...

A coworker has been asking me to make her a new wallet for months now.  When the big snowstorm came (lol) I decided to pull some fabrics and make her a new wallet.

Hmmm, well I might have gotten a little carried away.  :o)

Here they are open so you can see the inside pockets.

I had a lot of fun choosing coordinating fabrics and buttons.  I even added a yo yo and bead to one.

They were like potato chips....I couldn't stop with just one.  They do make nice gifts.  I decided to keep the red and blue paisley one for myself.

I am working on something new in the sewing room now.  If all works out I should have something to show you this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, February 24, 2014


Several years ago when I was doing a lot of quilting I participated in a modified Dear Jane block swap.  Wow!  I just looked at the copyright on the DJ book and I guess I should change that to Many years ago as the book was published in 1996 and this swap was about 2 years after the book hit the market.

As a result of the swap I received 200+ blocks.  Each block was to be 4-1/2" square using civil war reproduction fabrics with natural muslin as the background fabric.  Here you can see some of my blocks sorted in baggies by color.

 I decided I didn't want to make a large quilt with these.  I have made several pincushions using a few of the blocks and given them as gifts.  I have struggled with what to do with these little blocks and since I needed to do some mindless sewing I added some sashing and borders and came up with these little quilts.

These measure around 14"x20" and are the perfect size for table toppers, doll quilts, a cupboard tuck, or to hang on the wall.  Here they are after adding the binding.

Since taking those pictures I decided to toss them in the wash so they could get that older crinkly look.  It seems that someone didn't prewash their fabrics because look what happened.
 Ugh!  This same fabric was in 2 of the quilts and as you can see that red bled terribly.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might correct this?  I used sythrapol in a cold water wash and this still happened.  I suppose if I can't fix it I can still gift it to some little girl whose dollie won't mind if the red bled or not.  :o

Ziggy says he would be happy to give them a home in his cathouse!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Update

Hi friends!  I haven't felt much like blogging the past couple of weeks but I did want to pop on and give you an update. 

It snowed!

 I have been wishing for a measurable snow here all winter and I finally got my wish a couple of weeks ago.  I think we ended up with around 8 inches here.  It was so pretty and work was closed for a day.  Now it is in the 70's.  North Carolina weather is so unpredictable.

I receive a couple of wonderful packages in the mail.  First, from sweet Vera came these gorgeous fingerless gloves along with the cutest spool shaped lip gloss and sewing themed nail file.  Vera was in town the week that Lola passed away and I was unable to meet with her.  Thank you so much Vera for your friendship and thoughtfulness.

 Then the next kit in the Seasons of Chessie series arrived as a gift from Chris.  I love this one!  So springy.  Chris really spoiled me with this series.  Hopefully my stitching mojo will return soon so I can get to work on this.

I continue to make my salads in a jar.  This was last weeks salad.

 It is the apple a day salad with pumpkin vinaigrette dressing from Produce with Amy.  I wasn't sure about the dressing but decided to make it and give it a try.  I am really glad that I did because it was delicious and was perfect for this salad.

And this is one of the salads I swapped with my co-worker.  Doesn't it look delicious?  It was.  :o)

That's it for now my friends.  Thank you for sticking with me.  I hope I can get out of this funk I am in  and get back to normal soon.  I plan to be back tomorrow with some pictures of a bit of sewing I have completed.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Thank You

Thank you all for you kind, sweet, healing words.  I know with time the hole in my heart will heal.

The salads last week were fantastic.  My salad swap partner made a spinach and artichoke salad.  Both were delicious and very filling.  I really enjoyed the convenience of being able to grab a jar and go and wasn't tempted at all to visit the fast food places.  I didn't eat the last salad until Saturday and it was just as fresh as the first one.  I did step on the scales Monday and record my weight just to see if this has any impact on weight loss.  Bear in mind I haven't changed anything else in my excercise or eating habits but I thought it would be interesting to see if the salads made a difference.

This week I prepared Waldorf Inspired Slaw.  I did add a bit of sugar to the dressing because my oh my was it vinegary.  I also added a hunk of cheddar cheese because I just felt like I would need a bit of cheese with this salad/slaw.  I'll let you know how it tastes next week.  We have another partner in our salad swap so there are now 3 of us sharing salads. 

Earlier this week I received a wonderful Valentine surprise in the mail from sweet Faye.  

She sent this lovely pin pillow complete with handmade pins.  Thank you dear friend, it arrived just when I most needed a sweet surprise.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead and thank you again for all your kind thoughts and sweet words.