Saturday, October 13, 2007

Inchies By The Sea

The theme over at Inching Artists this week is "Triptych Inchies". You can make triptych inchies using any theme.

Well now, since triptych isn't one of those every day words we use in Podunk USA, I had to rely on my dear friend Google to help me with this one. Ahhhhh, TRIPTYCH! I knew what it was, just didn't know the word for this art form. I sat down with my sketchbook (yes, I now have a sketchbook as a result of studying the Art Quilt Workbook, can't draw worth a darn but I have a sketchbook!) and bang, bang, bang - sketched out 3 ideas for triptych inchies. Here's the first one I sketched:I used Shiva Paintstiks to paint the background onto white fabric which had been ironed onto fusible Peltex. I then added some highlights and details with gel pens, fused a piece of fabric for the sailboat and the lighthouse, then finished the edges with a zigzag stitch. I had a 4x6 piece of Peltex close by so I fused the wood print fabric on to it, fused the inchies on to that and finished those edges with a decorative stitch. I think I am going to attach some blue wire to the top for hanging.


Debbie said...

I really like your triptych. I want to visit your beautiful lagoon.

ATCLindaB said...

I really like it! What a fun challenge :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful triptych!

groeten, Francis

Debbi Baker said...

Both sets of inchies are fabulous - so glad you shared your process and technique too!

catharinas-love said...

This is beautiful , i love the sea item also .
Rini from the Netherlands