Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Windows To The Soul

Hi! While I am allowing my leaves quilt to "cure" for a bit, I made another set of triptych inchies.

I have heard it said the eyes are the window to the soul, hence the name of this one. This postcard started with a picture of my bulldog mix Lola.

I made a cut out of her eyes in my photo editing program, altered it until it was the size I needed, then traced it on to white fabric. I free motion machine embroidered the main outlines and wrinkle lines, then colored it using Pigma and Gel Pens. The background is a postcard background made with railroad knitting yarn I picked up at the local Wally World on clearance for $1. I rather like how this one turned out.

This was greeting me when I arrived home this evening. If you recall we have had NO rain here lately. You can see just how dry things are around here by the leaves lying on the ground around the flower. It just amazes me that this little thing was able to push through the dirt which is like concrete now and be so pretty. Ahhhh, Mother Nature is just amazing, isn't she?


katelnorth said...

That's a clever idea. Haven't got around to any triptych inchies myself yet as I am trying to get ahead on postcards, but they are on the list for next week...

Danielle D said...

I love your tryptich - Lola has such soulful eyes! Beautiful.