Friday, October 12, 2007


Hey look ya'll! I have my own street.

Not really, but it doesn't hurt to dream does it?

I injured my back last weekend and it kept getting progressively worse throughout the week. I finally gave up and went to the doctor Wednesday. Diagnosis - sprained lower back. Treatment - rest and heavy doses of medication.
Not a fun couple of days at Gr8dame's place.

So, unable to do much in the way of work I managed to make a little progress on some quilty art while sitting around.

This is the start of my first piece as a result of working my way through the "Art Quilt Workbook". The first "lesson" speaks of perspective and the different ways of creating perspective in your quilts.

I am having an affair with warm colors, particularly orange right now so decided to do something with leaves. It IS Autumn after all. :o)

Not sure exactly where I am going with this one but I am having fun with it right now. Each finished piece is supposed to be 9"x12".

More tomorrow if my back allows me.