Sunday, November 25, 2007

Coffee Anyone?

Whew! I managed to get both of the boys back to college today. I loved having them both at home for Thanksgiving. I made sure to stop at the grocery store and stock them up on those oh so nutritional items like Pop Tarts, Peanut Butter, and sodas. :o)

I stopped at a grocery store at the last minute to pick up some milk for the son who is at NC State and saw these bracelets near the checkout. I thought they were really neat. Now, I will not be wearing it as a bracelet. I saw it as some really cool beads to use on postcards! LOL I have already planned a postcard in browns and naturals with a cup of coffee and a few of these coffee bean beads scattered around. Amazing where you can find inspiration.

Oh, and if you sniff really close to it you can even smell the coffee.

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Jan said...

Inspiration really is all around us, isn't it?