Monday, December 31, 2007


Last night I was in my sewing room (extra bedroom) trying to decide what I wanted to work on next. With the new year fast approaching, I decided it would be nice to finish up one of the many works in progress I have sitting around. After digging around, sitting, and thinking for about an hour on the the subject I decided enough is enough! There is so much disorganization, chaos, and clutter in this room I couldn't even find what I wanted to work with! So, a major clean up/clean out is in order. I took some before pictures - it may be a week before I am able to show after pictures. I am a woman on a mission!

My sewing table area

The floor to the rear of the sewing table

The cabinet that houses my fabric stash
There are two more shelves, just as disorganized as these!

I didn't even take a picture of the set of rolling drawers I have full of swap blocks, more fabric, and stuff! Stay tuned. :o)


Anna said...

Your room looks so much tidyier than mine even when you say it needs sorting!! Have a wonderful 2008

Totty Teabag said...

My room doesn't look that tidy even when I've spent all day/week/month trying to dominate the chaos!