Friday, December 14, 2007


The mail yesterday brought a plethora of pretty items from Anna. For the one year anniversary of her blog she had a giveaway of these gorgeous bags. She makes these with hand dyed silk carrier rods. I was lucky enough to leave a comment in time to win one of these. It is sooo pretty and perfect for carrying a cell phone, wallet, and keys.

She also sent along this pretty Christmas card she made. I think I will be displaying this one long after Christmas has come and gone. :o)

Then there is this lovely fabric that she dyed by using rusted items. She had a sort of challenge on her blog. She would give a piece (or two) to the first five people to leave a comment with the stipulation that you must make a little something from it for her and you could keep the rest. I have been intrigued with seeing rust-dyed fabric online for some time and really wanted to get my hands on some to see just what it was like in person. Well, I don't know about others but Anna's is wonderful. It has lots of pattern and even a bit of texture to it that you aren't able to see in the photos. She also sent some metal beads which she made as well. I already have an idea brewing for her and any leftovers of the fabric will make some neat postcards.

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Jan said...

How clever to use rusted things to an advantage--I've seen it too often in old things that it spoiled!!!