Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Artificial wreath from discount store - $2.99
Spool of ribbon - $2.63
Brass safety pins - free when I bought my sewing machine
Inchies made by swap buddies - PRICELESS
Isn't this a great way to display inchies? I tried wiring them on the wreath but that didn't work so well. I had a bunch of brass safety pins so I just ran a pin through the satin stich edgeing and pinned them to the wreath. It resides on my front door. :o)


Debi said...

What a beautiful wreath and a fanstastic way to show off those "inchies". I would love to see it close up!

katelnorth said...

Looks good Myra - definitely an idea to try with my inchies.

NanaK said...

Myra, your wreath is beautiful! What a wonderful way to enjoy all those inchies.

Anonymous said...


What a great way to display inchies. I just got home from a five week vacation and mine were in the mail. They are so unique and have such Christmas sparkle.


Debbi Baker said...

This is fabulous Myra - such a great way to show off your inchies!!

Jan said...

Wonderful!!! Looks great!--You should submit your idea to Martha Stewart or a decorating magazine!!!!!