Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quite A Week

This has been a wonderful week for pretty things in the mail. Yesterday I received this lovely package from my dear friend Sheila in S.C. I was so surprised. The card is just beautiful with all the intricate embroidery, the coasters and bookmark in my favorite color, and the little name tag the perfect touch. Thank you so much Sheila! You made my week and I love you girl!

This postcard also arrived from a swap on Art We Mail. It was made by the very talented Lynn who is the administrator for our group. Lynn has recently been doing lots of machine embroidery on her cards and is making me wish for an embroidery machine. The pink ribbon is the perfect touch to these slippers doncha think? The quote is one I love and when I thanked her for the card I told her I love to dance and I don't care if anyone watches or not! I guess that sentiment comes with getting older and being comfortable with ones self. :o)

Go out and do something just for yourself today and do a little dance as if no one is watching!

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Debi said...

What beautiful cards, your friends are so talented. One of these days, I just might have to try this.