Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Quilting Tool

Well maybe this isn't a quilting tool for most people but it is for me. I got a fantastic deal on an Ipod shuffle Friday. I absolutely love it for free motion quilting. I loaded several of my CD's onto it, plugged the ear buds into my ears and off I went.
Most of my sewing time for the past two days has been devoted to quilting the postcard wallhanging. I am almost finished with the quilting - had to stop because my back was starting to scream at me. I had hoped to finish the quilting tonight so I could work on the binding through the week but that isn't going to happen. When the body says stop, it is time to stop.
Today I also sorted through my scrap bin to see if I had enough strips to give this a try next weekend. I am still working on the sorting but I think I might have enough. I am a big football fan but the game doesn't start until Sunday evening and that leaves a lot of sewing time during the day.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blue Valentine

I finished these postcards today. I used some of my Valentine inchies again but decided to put a blue spin on these. I found this cute blue/pink paisley in my stash, added a ribbon and some decorative stitching and called them done.

I really like adding these inchies to my postcards. They make them more dimensional and give them lots more texture.

I finally managed to sandwich the postcard display wallhanging and will start quilting it tonight.

I hope you are having a creative Saturday!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pretty In Pink

Here are the first of several Valentine Postcards I am making. I started with a little mini quilt of batting and fabric and stitched one of my Valentine inchies down over some yarn. I then added a bunch of seed stitches by hand using some of the Oliver Twist yarn used on the inchies and some pearl cotton. The edging is knitting yarns shared by some of my friends on the Art We Mail group. I used the same technique on this pair but added some french knots on the one on the left. I really like the romantic look these have. You will have to check back here on February 1st as I plan to give one of these away along with some other goodies.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pretty Mail

I have nothing that I am making to show you today as I am doing some hand stitching on Valentine cards. I did receive some pretty postal art .

This card is from Linda in Australia from a swap on Art We Mail. It uses hand painted silk and reverse bobbin sewing. It sure is pretty, isn't it?
I am not exactly sure what reverse bobbin sewing involves. I will have to do some research on this technique.

This "twin" postcard comes from KR in New York. She asked if anyone had a twin connection as she had some extra cards from a twin swap. I answered her right away as I have twin sons. I traded her one of my geisha postcards for one of her twin cards.

I love the way she used the gum wrapper and the ballerina sticker on the back to continue the twin theme.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winter is here

Guess what we have more of today? It started snowing around 2 pm and was still snowing at 6pm. We had maybe an inch on the ground. It is supposed to go down to 20 degrees tonight so all that is on the ground will freeze solid. Brrrrr! I am staying inside and sewing.

I put a roast in the crock pot this morning and went to work on this.
It is a wallhanging to display my postcards. I only finished the top but plan to get it all sandwiched later and ready to start quilting tomorrow. I got the idea from Kate (thanks Kate!), and she has a great tutorial on her blog. In honor of our lovely weather, I put a snowman card in the top while it was on my design wall. He looks a little lonely so I have to get this thing finished soon. :o)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I awoke to this scene this morning. :o) I do love a little snow. Unfortunately, as is usually the case here in North Carolina, it quickly changed over to sleet and freezing rain. The trees are pretty now with a coating of ice but with the beauty comes the beastly threat of downed power lines. Several years ago we had a huge ice storm and were without power for 10 days with 2 young teenage boys in the house. Doesn't make for a fun time. I am praying we keep power and there are no accidents tonight.

I have been cutting a bit more of the Kiragami and am now caught up. Some of these are quite interesting and I will have to find a way to incorporate them into some sort of artwork. They are starting to get a bit more complicated already and some of them will require the use of a cutting mat and a craft knife.
I need to get busy tonight as I need to get the shaker cards addressed and in the mail as well as a few other things. I am hoping to sneak in a few minutes at the sewing machine too.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I Should Be Sewing, but......

Instead I am folding and cutting paper! I found this calendar at Borders today on the bargain shelf. I looked at these just before Christmas but they were $15 and I just couldn't pay that much for it. Today it was $4, so into my basket it went.

I have always enjoyed origami and have dabbled in it now and then. I find it relaxing. This is a different sort of origami as you fold then cut. There is a page for each day of the year and it looks as if they become more complicated as you go. I have no idea what I will do with these - I can see them as being useful in cards and such but I don't know if they will actually go to live in a card.

Here are scans of the five I made this evening. I did notice that later in the year, you learn to do cuts such as those used to make pop up cards. Should be interesting and I think I will enjoy it as a little something to do to wind down at the end of the day.

I did manage some sewing yesterday. I am working on a wallhanging to hold my postcards. I have about 1/3 of the top sewn so I did make a little progress.

I also experimented with layering some tissue paper on a snowflake rubbing plate, wetting it, and watching the texture transfer to the paper. I then painted over the raised area with Shiva Paintsticks. I am thinking of cutting these into small bits and sewing them onto a background for a winter postcard.

Oh! I almost forgot - I received this from Debi. Thanks Debi! This is my very first award and I feel so honored. You make my day too. I love visiting your blog and your charity quilts warm my heart every single time.
I am supposed to pass this along to five others whose blogs make my day. It is so difficult to choose just 5 as I thoroughly enjoy all of the blogs I read on a regular basis and am always delighted when my feed thingy (is so too a real technical word) tells me that someone has updated their blog with a new post. Sooooo, take a trip down my list of blogs I read (it's over there --->>>). I'll just bet several of them will make your day too!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Valentine Inchies

Ta Da! Finally some sewing to speak of. I finished these inchies for a Valentine swap on Fabric in Altered Art. I used some of the decorative stitches on my machine to couch Oliver Twist fibers onto the background. The little heart charms were found in the wedding section, and a few beads finished them up. I made extras to use on Valentine postcards. :o)

I got new glasses this week and they are PURPLE! This is very different from my old glasses, the rimless sort you really can't see. These also have a thin blue stripe on the arms and the arms are yellow. A tad funky for me I know but hey! You only live once right?!

I participated in a rust dyed fabric challenge on Anna's blog last month. She sent me some gorgeous rust dyed fabric and I made her something with it and kept the rest. Here is a picture of the tissue holder and key fob I created. I couched some hemp cord along the tissue holder and added some decorative stitching. She sent along some hand made metal beads which I also used on the key fob. It is tough to see in the picture (click on it to enlarge) but I also embroidered her name. I was pretty pleased with the way these turned out and I hope she was as well. The fabric with the rusted areas is so rich looking.

We are off to move my son back to college today. It is raining so should be lots of fun. (not!) Hopefully, I can sneak in more sewing this evening.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Where did this week go???

Wow! This was a short week with the holiday but it really seemed to fly past. I have been working on lots of things but not a lot to show for it yet. I am doing some beading on my Valentine inchies, sewing a wallhanging to house some of my postcards, and working on some birthday postcards. Maybe I'll have some pictures of these by the end of the week.

I did manage to finish the first row for the Roosting Row Robin. Here is a picture of the first block. I haven't decided the orientation for all the blocks in my row yet so I haven't sewn them into a row.

OH! I almost forgot. Since I cleaned out my sewing room I did a little sprucing up around here too. How do you like the new header? Seems more appropriate for January than my previous one at any rate.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ahhhhhh, After

The great clean up of 2008 is over! LOL I am exhausted but I now know what is in my sewing room and where it is.

The clean sewing table area

My organized fabric storage cabinet

The area behind the sewing table.

And I even felt creative enough to begin a new Row Roosting Robin using these fabrics. :o)

Happy New Year!
I hope the new year brings you everything you hope for and more.