Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pretty Mail

I have nothing that I am making to show you today as I am doing some hand stitching on Valentine cards. I did receive some pretty postal art .

This card is from Linda in Australia from a swap on Art We Mail. It uses hand painted silk and reverse bobbin sewing. It sure is pretty, isn't it?
I am not exactly sure what reverse bobbin sewing involves. I will have to do some research on this technique.

This "twin" postcard comes from KR in New York. She asked if anyone had a twin connection as she had some extra cards from a twin swap. I answered her right away as I have twin sons. I traded her one of my geisha postcards for one of her twin cards.

I love the way she used the gum wrapper and the ballerina sticker on the back to continue the twin theme.


Jan said...

What a neat card--double enjoyment!

Jan said...

Passing along an award to you---You Make My Day--please see my blog!