Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blues and Pretty Mail

I haven't managed to accomplish very much in the sewing room this week. (Too tired after work) I have started these blue inchies which will make their appearance on some postcards soon. I have them to the point I can sit in front of American Idol on the telly for the next two nights and add beads and bits by hand.

This wonderful card arrived from Gwyneth in Cyprus. (no blog that I know of) I had to round up a map just to figure out where Cyprus is located. Geography is NOT one of my strong points but I do love receiving postcards from all over the globe. This is the first card from an International Celebrations Swap - St. Patrick's Day on Art We Mail. I wish you could feel/see all the texture in this card, it is amazing. The legend on the back of the card explains the front:
Saint Patrick is known for driving the snakes from Ireland.
I believe it is true that there are no snakes in Ireland.
(Hence my snakes on the postcard are in the sea)
Driving the snakes away was probably symbolic to
putting an end to the pagan practice of worshipping
a serpent symbol.
Thanks Gwyneth! I learned a lot from your Pretty Postal Art and I love this card. :o)


Jan said...

I love peeking over your shoulder at your mail--it is so interesting!!

margil said...

Myra, I love those inchies! Aren't small things fun?
I have tagged you...please see my blog for the details:
I only tagged my favorite blogs, and yours definitely made the cut!