Monday, February 11, 2008

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by Debi. I am to post 7 weird or random facts about myself so here goes:

1- I work at an animal hospital.

2- I was the drum major of our high school marching band my senior year. My uniform consisted of a white satin shirt, white hot pants, knee high white boots, red cummerbund, white cape, and a white aussie with a big blue plume covering my big '80's hair!

3- My transportation of choice in the late '80's, early '90's was a Harley Davidson Sportster.

4- I abhor the sound of someone crunching ice, or smacking chewing gum in their mouth. (It drives me absolutely nuts!)

5- My bulldog mix sleeps in the bed with me every night.

6- I am the mother of twin boys.

7- I have been married once (still am) to the same man for 25 years!

Now, I am supposed to tag 7 other people but I have decided to leave this as self serve. If you would like to play along, please do. Make sure you leave me a link in the comments section so I can visit your blog and giggle at your answers. :o)


Debi said...

I was in drill team and I remember the outfits! A Harley Sportster, that is way cool!

Sheryl said...

Hey, girl, do you have a picture of yourself in that drum major outfit? Woo hoo! I'm with you on #4 (the ice crunching and gum smacking). That can push me 'til I'm on my last nerve! Ice crunching has become quite the fad, if you believe a newspaper article I read recently. Restaurants compete to see which can produce the best ice, so prepare to grit your teeth.