Friday, February 22, 2008

Read Any Good Books Lately?

It seems I am always losing my bookmark. Now keep in mind that my bookmark is either one of those postcards that fall out of magazines or a paper sales tag cut from clothing or whatever piece of paper I can find lying around at the time. It also seems that I always have long, thin scraps of Peltex left over from making postcards. So, I decided to use up some of the Peltex and make myself a couple of bookmarks.

I used the same blue fabric I am using for the blue postcards I am currently making. I used one of the decorative stitches on my machine then couched some yarns onto each side. Zigzag stitched the edges, added some more yarns, a few beads and called them done. The one on the right is reminiscent of a vintage couture dress. (Is too, doncha see the bustline and the hips?) :o) Or maybe I have a vivid imagination.

I hope I will be able to find one of these when it comes time to mark my place. I am currently reading Janet Evanovich's Ten Big Ones. What are you reading today?


Jan said...

What a great idea! Wish I'd saved those little left over pieces now! I "see" the dress!!!!LOL!

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Myra - I am just catching up on all your doings - such wonderful bright work! Love it all but especially the happy cards, the are just so snazzy!! I'm reading the third book (an Umbrian Love Story) in Marlena de Blasi's autobiographical series. Fabulous reading - she is one interesting colourful lady!

Lise said...

Hi Myra! We have been working with the same subjects...I've just finished some bookmarks from scraps. Would you like to swap??

jenclair said...

I can never find my bookmarks and use whatever is available, but these would be worth keeping up with!

I'm reading Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes; In an Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healing (about ABC News Anchor Bob Woodruff); and The Shadow of Saganami. A little here, a little there!