Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wearing of the Green

I finished these St. Patrick's postcards last night. They are for a swap on Art We Mail. The scans are a little wonky because I really didn't want to scan 8 cards individually. Yep, I am lazy like that sometimes. :o) Please click on them so you can see them a bit larger.

They all started out with the green batik background and the Irish Blessing printed onto fabric. Then, the leprechauns within started to speak to me. They didn't want to be the same, oh no..., each one begged to be a little different.

Some of them asked for seed stitches made by hand. Some of them asked for machine embroidery - and some of them wanted both! Then of course they wanted to wear "jewels" in the form of beads, and one of them demanded a ribbon. Then one little snippy fellow asked that I quilt shamrocks in the background. (I think I did pretty good with it but wasn't about to risk trying that on another.) I managed to work in some of the lovely metal beads Anna sent to me and I think that one is probably my favorite.

So which one is your favorite? I would love to hear what you think.


Susan D said...

I love them all but especially the Irish blessing you've used. Have a guess when my birthday is - yes, that right St Patricks Day.

ANNA said...

Myra - these cards are beautiful and of course I agree the beads I sent you really make the difference !!!!!!!! :-) . I'd love you to take part in my latest challenge - would you like washers, buttons or both - I have your address so just leave a comment again!