Sunday, March 30, 2008

Adorably Lazy

Remember the patterns I won by participating in Pat Sloan's Sew A Long? The A-Door-Ables pattern by Lazy Girl Designs was one of them. I needed a couple of prizes/gifts for some challenges and these were perfect.

They are very fast and easy. They can be used as a gift in itself or be used as a container/pretty package to hold other little gifts. A-Door-Ables are designed to be hung on a doorknob and can be filled with dried or silk flowers to decorate your home.

As you can see I had to "bling" them up a bit. The purple one uses a double button - the outer gold rim is one button and the inner teal is another button sewn on top of the first one. I tied some glittery purple yarn around the button to add a little more interest. The yellow one uses a plain round gold button as well as a moon button sewn off to the side. I added some star sequins with beads in the center, some pearl-like strands of trim, and feathery yarn to finish it off.

I see a few more of these in my future. Wouldn't these make nice packages all done up in Christmas finery to contain some of those smaller Christmas gifts? In the smaller size you could even hang them on the tree until the gift giving festivities commence.

I realize I have been gushing about these Lazy Girl Designs but I just can't help myself. For the quilter like me who is accustomed to sewing patches all the time and taking months (sometimes years) to complete a project, the almost instant gratification I am getting from these patterns is making for some extremely enjoyable sewing time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mail Call!

This is the fabric I chose for my next handbag. It is from the Full Moon Forest line by Tula Pink for Moda. There are bits of nature "hidden" in each design. The paisley like pattern actually forms an owl which I hope to be able to center on a purse. The more solid purple has raindrops, the green is a squirrel tree, and the pink stripe is trees. Fun!

I received this lovely postcard from Lynn for the St. Patrick's swap on Art We Mail. You can't see in the picture that she added a layer of netting over the green that gives it a lot of dimension. I should have a nice display of cards for St. Patrick's Day next year to put in my hanger. :o)

And last, but certainly (certainly) not least, I got this gorgeous set of inchies from Debbi. She made a couple of extra sets for a swap she is in and offered the extras for trade on her blog. I sent her a package of "goodies" in return.

The picture doesn't allow you to see all the tiny details in each of these true one inch square works of art. The inchies I make are called plus size inchies as they are 1-1/2" square and they seem so much larger than these tiny inchies that are 1" square. I am looking for the perfect frame for these as I want to display them.

I stalled for a couple of days on my TAD. We are looking for a new house and that ate into my creative time in the latter part of this week. I will be back on track this weekend and should have some pictures to show for it tomorrow. Now, get off that computer and go sew something!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Miranda Bag Finished!

Now this bag is big enough for all my stuff! LOL I just love this pattern and this bag. For those of you just tuning in, it is the Miranda Day Bag by Lazy Girl Designs. The fabric I used is from the Tapestry Rose collection
by Laurie Godin for Northcott Fabrics. I didn't use any of the floral fabrics, just the paisley and geometrics.

I am just thrilled with how easy this one was to make and it has a lot of visual impact. I don't think I am entirely finished as I want to bling her up a bit with a strand of beads or something, perhaps attached at the bottom of one of the straps.

I have enough fabric left over to make a Wonder Wallet and a Checkbook
cover to match. I see several of these in my future - in fact, I have already ordered fabric for my next one. (Full Moon Forest by Tula Pink for Moda - I love her designs).

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Inchies

Here are my Spring Inchies for a swap on Fabric In Altered Art. I am hostessing this swap. I decided to keep mine on the simple side and let the springy colors shine.
The little tulip in the center is cut from felt trim. The pink and yellow flowers are flower shaped eyelets attached with my new Crop-A-Dile tool. I stitched the stems for the flowers on the sewing machine.
I can hardly wait to see what the other participants in the swap create for the spring theme.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Of Prizes and Presents

This past weekend Pat Sloan hosted a sew-in on her blog. Along with the sew-in she had prizes and even sent you on "road trips" to other blogs that were participating and offering prizes.

One of the "road trips" was to Joan Hawley's of Lazy Girl Designs. I am a big fan of Joan's and have made her Wonder Wallet and Checkbook Cover. She drew my name from the comments on her post and as a result I won two of her patterns. Since my comment was also the 1000th on her blog, she also sent me an extra pattern. I did a happy dance when I found I had won because I had been perusing purse patterns and want to make a spring purse for myself. The Miranda Day Bag is next on my list of projects. :o) Her patterns are very well designed with the quilter in mind and the directions are clear and concise.

I also received this bounty of buttons in the mail this week. KR in New York, a member of my Art We Mail group had offered to send some of her extra stash to anyone who would like to have it. I have very few buttons to use in my projects and it was very kind and generous of her to send these to me. I will certainly put them to good use.

I am so ready for the weekend but I have to work on Saturday so it will be a short one for me. Sigh...I remember a time when Easter meant a long relazing weekend.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Anna's Challenge

A while back I posted some sneak peeks of the ATC's I made for Anna for her button/washer challenge. She has now received her package from me. Here are the finished pieces in all their glory. :o)

Work on my goodie bag challenge continues and tonight I am going to start working on some spring inchies for a swap on Fabric In Altered Art. We are expecting thunderstorms here this evening so I better get my sewing machine work done early!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have been too tired/busy to post every day this week but I have
been busily keeping up with my thing a day, every day. The first
picture is of a few more tissue holders. I actually made six but a
couple of them are the same. I really enjoy making these and
they use up a few of my scraps which is always a good thing.

I am participating in a "Goodie Bag Challenge" on the yahoo group
Fabric In Altered Art. We were to assemble a bag containing 5 or 6 items, one of which had to be a fabric that must be used noticably in the completed piece. My partner is Norma and the second picture is the bag of goodies she sent to me. I am having a blast with her things, lots of different fibers and buttons and beads. Fun, fun, fun!

The third picture is what I sent to Marilyn who will be making
something for me. I put all sorts of stuff in my bag and I hope
she finds she has enough variety to work with. I can hardly wait
to see what I receive in return.

Last but now least, here is a sneak peek of what I have been
working on for Norma. I don't want to give too much away as she just might be stopping by to see what I am up to!

I hope all of you had a great, creative weekend. Back to the grindstone tomorrow!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Boy am I glad it is Friday! Very busy and tiring week at work.

I have kept up with my 20 minutes of creative time per day, just haven't had time to take pictures and blog about it. I hope to take some pictures tomorrow and get them posted.

Today's mail brought this beautiful shaker postcard from Beverly. I just love the netting covering the shamrock and coin sequins. I just love St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pretty Mail

I have received lots of pretty mail in the past few days.

The green card is for the St. Patrick's Day swap from Lourdes. It is such a happy card and I love the sentiment she printed onto the fabric.

The purple is a belated birthday card from Sharron, the purses are so cute. The pink and black is also from Sharron for an Anything Goes swap. The pink trim is just lovely with the lime green running through the center.

This lovely purple bookmark is from Lise. She saw the bookmarks I made and asked if I would like to trade one with her. Of course you know I said yes and I am so glad I did. The picture just doesn't do it justice, it has layers of texture and sparkle. I don't know if I will be able to concentrate on my book for admiring my bookmark!

I hope to make at least one more of the flash drive cases tonight for my TAD. I also need to do some sketching of ideas for a challenge I am in. More about that tomorrow.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday, Monday and TAD

Well today wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I was sleepy as all get out this morning but I managed to shake it off by lunchtime and the day at work went pretty well.

I made these flash drive cases tonight. We have to do a daily backup of our files at work and the person who closes each night has to take the backup media home with them. I was a little worried about those tiny little flash drives rattling around in the bottom of one's purse and being damaged in the process. So, I decided to make cases for them. Only females will be taking them home at night, that is why I decided to pretty them up a bit. :o)

This uses the same "fold over" technique as the tissue holders. I attached a metal eyelet through the back in order to run a ribbon through the flash drive, and then through the eyelet. I threaded a bead onto the ribbon to keep the ribbon from slipping through the case. This prevents the case from being seperated from the flash drive while still allowing easy removal for it to be plugged into the computer.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rough Night

I don't know what happened to my sleeping pattern last night. I went to bed at 12, up at 2, back down at 4, up at 9. Arrrgh! I can't stand nights like that. Now, this time change has me all jacked up this evening. Tomorrow at work should be interesting. :o)

My TAD for today is these pocket tissue holders. These are so fun and easy to make. I love choosing the different color/fabric combinations. These will make neat little hostess giftys for someone in the future.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

TAD - Day 8, Purse progress

Now I remember why I don't have a handmade purse. I am just no good at this type of sewing. I have this one to the point where I have to handsew the binding down.

#1 - It is too small to carry all my "stuff"
#2 - I didn't have enough of the binding fabric to make bias strips and sewing straight of grain strips around those scallops is a bear!
#3 - It is too small.
#4 - I hate handsewing binding down.
#5 - Did I mention it is too small?

I will finish this one eventually, just not in this sewing session. I'll work on the binding next week as I am watching TV. It will make a nice gift for someone, someday. I really like the colors!

I am off to search for BIGGER purse patterns. I hope ya'll are having a good weekend!

Friday, March 7, 2008

TAD - Day 5, 6 & 7

Sorry, I got a little behind on my blog posts. I have been doing my creative thing a day every day.

Debi posted this purse link on her blog yesterday. Well, I could use a spring purse, and I could stand to work on something "springy", and I needed just one more project to add to my growing pile. Yeah, right!

I just loved the colors and had this faux crazy quilt print in the same colorway so off I went. I have all the pieces cut, the ones that need quilting quilted, and am well on my way to having a new spring purse. I decided to make two of these - you never know when you might need something to offer as a giveaway. :o)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TAD - Day 4

A Dorsett button incorporating one of the washers from the challenge. Coming soon to an ATC near you!

Lots of rain, storms, and severe weather here tonight.

Monday, March 3, 2008

TAD - Day 3 and Pretty Mail

Here is my TAD for today - not finished yet but working on it. If any of you read my comments you saw that Anna did in fact visit today and saw my little sneak peek of the ATC yesterday. So, dear blog readers you won't get to see full pictures of these until they are finished and in Anna's hands. (I just love being secretive, don't you?)

Anna, I want you to know I am keeping you, your mom, and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

I opened my mailbox today to find this beauty from KR. It is another from the St. Patrick's Day swap on Art We Mail. She says it is her first shaker card and my oh my she did a fantastic job with it. The shamrock is filled with shamrock shaped sequins and gold glittery things and ooooooo ahhhhh, just wonderful.

Did I mention I just love St. Patrick's Day. I made corned beef in the crock pot yesterday because I didn't think I could wait until the 17th. :o)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

TAD - Day 2

Tee hee! Here is my creative thing for today. It is actually a finished ATC for Anna's challenge. I know Anna pops in on my blog from time to time and I want the piece I send her for the challenge to be a surprise so I can only give a little peek here. :o)

I may not send this one to her as I have several other ideas I am trying with these washers and buttons. I plan to play around with all of them and then decide which one(s) I want to send along.

We had beautiful weather here today, in the 60's and I just had to get out in the yard and putter around a bit. Cuts into the sewing time but I really enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thing A Day - Day 1

Here it is - my first creative thing a day. :o)

I backed and edged 5 more of my "Happy" cards and started working on the ATC's for Anna's challenge. I have about 4 ideas for these ATC's so I will most likely end up making multiples of these.


Peek Over My Shoulder

My friend Jan commented she liked "peeking over my shoulder" at my mail. That comment made me grin as I realized I do that quite a bit myself. I enjoy seeing the things that other bloggers are receiving in swaps and exchanges. It really inspires me to see what everyone else is making. That is the reason I choose to share pictures of the things I get in the mail. So, here is another "peek over my shoulder". :o)

These buttons are from Anna as I am participating in another one of her challenges. She offered to send some of her stash of these buttons and washers to anyone who would create an ATC for her. This will be my first time creating something in that size. I am very accustomed to working with 4x6 pieces - the 2x3 should prove to be an even bigger challenge for me.

This card arrived from Lourdes, another participant in the Shaker Card Swap on Art We Mail. I love the red, white, black color scheme. Her idea of doing an eye is great and the buttons and beads shaker pupil/iris is such fun. Thanks Lourdes!

Another group of which I am a member, Fabric In Altered Art has issued a challenge for the month of March. The challenge is to do something creative for at least 20 minutes every day and post pictures to the group. I believe I do this almost every day already. If I am not physically working on something I am sketching something. So, I am going to make a conscious effort to do this in the month of March and document my meanderings. I hope you will all cheer me on and/or kick me in the behind if I need it.