Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday, Monday and TAD

Well today wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I was sleepy as all get out this morning but I managed to shake it off by lunchtime and the day at work went pretty well.

I made these flash drive cases tonight. We have to do a daily backup of our files at work and the person who closes each night has to take the backup media home with them. I was a little worried about those tiny little flash drives rattling around in the bottom of one's purse and being damaged in the process. So, I decided to make cases for them. Only females will be taking them home at night, that is why I decided to pretty them up a bit. :o)

This uses the same "fold over" technique as the tissue holders. I attached a metal eyelet through the back in order to run a ribbon through the flash drive, and then through the eyelet. I threaded a bead onto the ribbon to keep the ribbon from slipping through the case. This prevents the case from being seperated from the flash drive while still allowing easy removal for it to be plugged into the computer.


Debi said...

Those are so cute, what a great job!

Jan said...

What a great idea --your little media cases are useful and pretty!!!