Saturday, March 1, 2008

Peek Over My Shoulder

My friend Jan commented she liked "peeking over my shoulder" at my mail. That comment made me grin as I realized I do that quite a bit myself. I enjoy seeing the things that other bloggers are receiving in swaps and exchanges. It really inspires me to see what everyone else is making. That is the reason I choose to share pictures of the things I get in the mail. So, here is another "peek over my shoulder". :o)

These buttons are from Anna as I am participating in another one of her challenges. She offered to send some of her stash of these buttons and washers to anyone who would create an ATC for her. This will be my first time creating something in that size. I am very accustomed to working with 4x6 pieces - the 2x3 should prove to be an even bigger challenge for me.

This card arrived from Lourdes, another participant in the Shaker Card Swap on Art We Mail. I love the red, white, black color scheme. Her idea of doing an eye is great and the buttons and beads shaker pupil/iris is such fun. Thanks Lourdes!

Another group of which I am a member, Fabric In Altered Art has issued a challenge for the month of March. The challenge is to do something creative for at least 20 minutes every day and post pictures to the group. I believe I do this almost every day already. If I am not physically working on something I am sketching something. So, I am going to make a conscious effort to do this in the month of March and document my meanderings. I hope you will all cheer me on and/or kick me in the behind if I need it.

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