Saturday, March 8, 2008

TAD - Day 8, Purse progress

Now I remember why I don't have a handmade purse. I am just no good at this type of sewing. I have this one to the point where I have to handsew the binding down.

#1 - It is too small to carry all my "stuff"
#2 - I didn't have enough of the binding fabric to make bias strips and sewing straight of grain strips around those scallops is a bear!
#3 - It is too small.
#4 - I hate handsewing binding down.
#5 - Did I mention it is too small?

I will finish this one eventually, just not in this sewing session. I'll work on the binding next week as I am watching TV. It will make a nice gift for someone, someday. I really like the colors!

I am off to search for BIGGER purse patterns. I hope ya'll are having a good weekend!


Lise said...

:-)) The purse is lovely Myra, but I see your point reg the size. Even after I stopped smoking a year ago, I still carry around with lot of stuff!!

Debi said...

I love the way your purse turned out, the colors/fabrics are beautiful. I am sorry it is too small. Maybe you could enlarge the pattern.

katelnorth said...

It's a pretty purse, Myra, but do you think it will be big enough to hold all your stuff? :)