Friday, October 10, 2008

The Apple Dumpling Gang

Do any of you remember that movie? I might be dating myself here. What you see above is my first attempt at Apple Dumplings. Yeah, don't look at that one in the upper left corner. I can't decide if it exploded, imploded, or simply lost it's oomph.

Now lemme tell you, when you see these at your local bakery and you think the price is too high - just double that price and pay that amount because they are worth it. I like to cook and I like to think I am pretty good at it. We rarely have leftovers of anything. However...........I am amazed that people actually want to do this for a living.

I got out my handy dandy cookbook and oh they make it sound so easy. "Cut the shortening into the flour until it is pea size" - what they really mean is until your hand feels like it is going to fall off. "Add milk one tsp at a time and move the moistened flour to one side of your bowl" - my bowl is round, how the heck do I keep the wet away from the dry? "Roll your dough into a 12"x18" rectangle" - okay, so what do I do about the part of the rectangle that is stuck to my rollling pin, which leaves my rectangle looking more like an egg???

Those pastry chefs deserve every penny and more.

Anyway, after tucking the apples into the squares of dough, forgetting to put a pat of butter on top of each apple, and sweeping about a pound of flour off of the floor I must say my apple dumplings were delicious. DH and I sat down to indulge and we were "mmmm, this is good, mmmm". Then we ate our way to the center of our apples where the walnuts, raisins, and honey were living and it was "wow, mmmm, this is really good!"

So if you can set aside a couple of hours (or in my case, half a day) to make some of these delights, you won't be disappointed. You might want to spread a drop cloth in the kitchen floor - you know, just in case. ;o)


pollyanna said...

The nice thing about the ones that fall apart is that they are calorie-free! So you get the best of all worlds...deliciousness with a twist AND no calories. Looks good. Send me one :) (make it the smushed one so I don't count the calories)

Lise said...

How I wish I lived a bit closer - I would have been happy with the one in the left side corner.....

Andrea said...

Pastries are rather unforgiving, aren't they? They look delicious, nevertheless! thanks for entering my giveaway. Good luck!