Friday, January 2, 2009


Wow! 57 comments in 1 day. That has to be a record for me. LOL Keep those comments coming. I am really enjoying reading about everyone's new starts for the new year.

I found a couple of things that were left out of my prize scan that I will be adding to the mix - a Roxanne Needle Threader (for those of us with tired eyes), and a Bracelet Fastener (no idea why that is in the sewing room but it has never been used so in the prize package it goes).

I am busy stitching on my scissor fob for the Tiny Treasures Exchange. I can't show you what I am stitching or tell you who will receive it until after it arrives at it's destination. I am having fun with it and this will be my first cross stitch exchange.

Off to straighten up my sewing room so I can finish up my fob. Seems "someone" left lots of Christmas paper, tape, and stuff lying around. :o)

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pollyanna said...

You have been quite busy with your kitty and puppy and normal household gang and the give-away! What a time! Happy New Year to you Myra :)