Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arrival from Poland!

My scissor fob from the Tiny Treasures Exchange arrived in the mail today. My partner was Iza from Lublin, Poland.
Isn't it gorgeous?! The scans just can't show the detail of the beading all around the edge and the flawless stitching. It truly is a tiny treasure. It also has a wonderful scent which I believe is lavender.

She also sent along a postcard from Lublin, a green light effects floss, and the cutest little linen stamped bag. I am just thrilled and can hardly wait for our next exchange.


PunkiePie said...

It's a beauty! I've never been to Lublin, Poland but Poland itself is a beautiful country. I went there for a month about 8 years ago when my cousin was getting married (I still have lots of family there). We had a great time. The Poles know how to PARTY!

pollyanna said...

Beautiful! And it looks as if it smelled like lavender. I love lavender :)