Sunday, April 5, 2009

Feels like spring!

It is starting to feel like spring here. I worked outside in the yard all day yesterday and can hardly move today. The first big clean after the winter months is a lot of work! I have these growing all over my backyard - does anyone know what they are? Wild violets perhaps? I know they are probably some sort of weed as we don't have a good stand of grass in the back yet. They are pretty though.

Last week I experimented with coffee/tea dying. I had this piece of cream Belfast linen and needed something a little darker. So, I brewed some coffee and some tea, poured it into a big bowl and dunked my fabric right into the concoction. I let it sit for 4 hours or so, rinsed and had a lovely shade of brown. Here is the before/after pic.

This is the reason I needed a brown piece of fabric. :o) I had wanted to stitch this piece since I saw it in the JCS Halloween 2008 issue. It is "Batty" by Monster Bubbles. I changed the colors a bit as I wanted my bat to be a little darker. I plan to finish it as a flat ornament as pictured in the magazine and am looking forward to displaying it this Halloween. (I know it is a long way off but I am trying to plan ahead for a change!)
I will leave you with an action shot of Lola playing with her basketball. See the purple flowers in the foreground? I have more leaves to rake today - no rest for the weary when it comes to yard work. LOL


Crispy said...

I don't know what type of flower/weed those are. We get a little purple pansy type weed. It's a good weed because it likes the garden but not the grass. It does grow in cement cracks too but I kinda like it there.

Your Lola reminds me of our Cocker Spaniel Sweetie. She loved it when the boys got together to play soccer. They would get so mad because she could keep that ball away from them just by pushing with her nose and running full bore LOL.


Lynn W. said...

We have a similar wild flower in So CA we call wild pansies because that's what they look like -- only very tiny. What team will you be offering Lola's services to: I'm sure she'd be a good team player!


Jan said...

Myra--we call those flowers wood violets because they were all over the woods up north. I have lots of them in my yard here in Texas, too. I just love them and don't consider them a weed. Bushel and a Peck stitchery looks like fun!!