Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just Wrong

This is just wrong in every way.
Look closer.

Will I ever get used to having an outside cat?!


Crispy said...

YUCK Myra, at least the cat didn't lay it at your feet or put it in your slipper LOL.


Carol said...

Hi Myra--So glad you found the Painted Egg design on Ebay! I know you'll have as much fun stitching it as I did. Love the cat photo--we had our own all black cat, Shadow, for 14 years and I still remember his "gifts" to us and how proud he was. How I miss him... ANYWAY, glad I could enable you :)

Yoyo said...

You are extremely lucky not to have found this at your feet. Trophies of love Mom used to call them.

PunkiePie said...

I'm sorry but I have to laugh! I have an indoor/outdoor cat... at least the kitty put mousey in the right bowl! And NOT in the house!

Wilma NC said...

EWWW! Years ago we had a cat that caught mice and put them in my shoes!!! What a surprise, lol.