Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dyeing for Strawberries

As I was walking through my kitchen a couple of days ago and admiring the strawberries sitting atop my shortcake I had a thought. (I know thoughts are sometimes dangerous for me, but trust me on this one). I started thinking about the pioneers and how they used roots and berries to dye fabric. Next thing I knew I had a couple of plump strawberries on a plate, a fork in my hand, and mashing on my mind. I squished all the juice I could possibly manage out of 2 large strawberries, added a cup of steaming hot water, and plunked a small piece of linen into the brew. I let it sit for 4 hours. I washed it twice with Synthrapol, ironed it while wet on a white towel
and had absolutely no bleed through. The piece I dyed is in the center of a piece of the original fabric. I couldn't get a great picture, but it is really a pretty pink/berry color. I think it will make a pretty background for a Valentine's Day ornament or even a Christmas ornament.

I started stitching on Bushel and a Peck and ran out of the floss I need to finish it. I pulled out this little Prairie Schooler design I had started and finished the stitching on it. I plan to finish it as a little pillow ornament. Aren't those little baby Robins in the nest cute?

Since I haven't been to Hobby Lobby to pick up the floss I need I had to start something new. I had previously purchased a strand of silk floss to make these witches boots and decided to

work on it. This is a La-D-Da design from the Just Cross Stitch Halloween ornament issue 2008.

We are supposed to have beautiful weather here this weekend so I will probably be outside in the yard a lot. I planted a small vegetable garden last week and added a few more plants last night. I really need to put some sort of fence around it as Lola just loves to walk right through it.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and find a little time just for yourself!


Crispy said...

LOL I thought you were making more strawberry shortcake until I noticed the spelling of Dyeing. Very ingenious of you Myra.


Carol said...

What a great idea to try dyeing with strawberries, Myra...think of the possibilities with other fruits! Wouldn't blueberries be fun to experiment with? Hmmm--you've given me some ideas... Love your hummingbird biscornu, too. So bright and colorful :)

PunkiePie said...

Loving that strawberry dyed fabric. Way to go. The witch's boot/shoe is VERY cute!