Monday, May 25, 2009


... those who have served our country and fought to keep us safe. Happy Memorial Day!

We hit the strawberry farm wide open at 7:30 am. Twenty minutes later we had 2 gallons/10 pounds of strawberries. Our pockets were only $9.90 lighter and these are sooooo much better than those in the grocery store.

Gotta run, Strawberry Shortcake is calling my name. (the food not the character )


Crispy said...

yummmmm fresh strawberries. I'd ask you to have some for me but that wouldn't be very easy on your waistline LOL.


Wilma NC said...

Nice to see you post. I love strawberries, bought as peck today from a roadside stand. They were from South Carolina.

jenclair said...

I had some huge strawberries on Sunday and was surprised at how refreshing they were--so full of flavor.

Enjoy the Shortcake!

PunkiePie said...

As our wedding favor, my MIL made little jar of strawberry jam. My mom and I, along with a few others, picked 65 POUNDS of fresh strawberries for the jam! We kinda over-estimated and had frozen strawberries for a couple of years but the jam was awesome! Fresh strawberries rock. They come into season up here in early June.