Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nineteen Days Later

What a difference 19 days makes in the gardening world. Here you can see the first photo I took on June 2 and I photo I took today. The cucumbers and squash are growing like mad. I picked my first cucumber today and had it with supper. I feel like a new mother with all my little babies growing in the garden.


Crispy said...

Yummm fresh cucumbers. Our neighbors haven't started "forcing" their extra cukes and tomatoes on us yet, but will be doing it soon. I better start making cookies...a fair exchange LOL.


PunkiePie said...

Your garden is looking great! I'm sure that cucumber tasted extra special, knowning YOU grew it.

Berit said...

Yay, 3 blogs in one weekend! That stitching you finished as a pillow sure looks great--I love the idea of using jute! As for a trading corner, that is a really good idea! I think that hanging on to too many things is poisonous to your health! So, letting some go to bless others (and be blessed in return) is a GREAT idea. :D Your garden, and surrounding lawn, too, looks so lovely!! Makes me homesick, for in Northern NJ, there isn't much in the way of lawns to be had!

Oh, Heatwave (makes me think of the old motown song...)! The radio this morning said that it's coming, and even we will get some! Gasp! It's gonna hurt as we've had rain nearly every day in June, and it's the 2nd coolest June on record!

Carol said...

Wow, Myra, your garden is way ahead of ours in Pennsylvania--looks great! We have had SO many cool rainy days in June that the only veggies we've had so far are peas and lettuce.

And I love the idea of your trading corner. I'll have to consider doing that myself :)