Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tiny Treasure

This cute floss tag arrived in the mail from Renee, my partner in the Tiny Treasures Exchange. I think it is soooo cute! In her note Renee said she made it for me in honor and memory of my dear Bogey who recently passed away. I was very touched by her sentiment. :o) I will treasure this little piece of art.

I am thisclose to finishing the stitching on Bushel and a Peck and hope to finish it up today.

On the gardening front - I have baby cucumbers! I am so excited. Friday evening I checked on the garden and there wasn't even a bloom to be seen. Saturday morning I walked out with Lola and I not only had blooms but tiny little cucumbers! Gardening can be so rewarding. :o) I harvested Basil this morning so I can make some Pesto today. Yum!

Have a gr8, relaxing Sunday ya'll!


Crispy said...

Aww what a cute tag!! Yummm fresh pesto....


Berit said...

Yumm!! I made grilled cheese with tomatoes from the farmers' market for brunch todaY--Wish I'd grown them myself, though! What a cute floss tag!

I have to admit that I got TOO ambitious with mine and still have to do the last bit of finishing! So, it isn't even mailed!! :(
However, it should go out tomorrow--headed overseas! Your cute cat tag is so nice!! :0 What a great thing to get!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...


What a lovely little kitty floss tag.
Sorry to hear that your cat passed away. :(


PunkiePie said...

That is the cutest kitty! Looks like my kitty (her name was Kitty) when I was growing up. She was a pretty calico.