Friday, July 24, 2009

Fabulous Friday

While the refrigerator is defrosting is the perfect time to blog. :o)

It's Christmas in July! Actually, it is Christmas year round at my house when it comes to stitching. I really enjoy making new things for the holidays and Christmas followed by Halloween are my favorites for stitching and sewing.

I made this snowflake ornament for an exchange. My partner is a secret and I am pretty sure she doesn't visit my blog so it is safe to share with you today. The design is a freebie by Faby Reilly stitched on 32 count white opalescent linen with DMC and Krenik metallic ribbon. I added a little bling at the bottom in the form of a crystal and silver bead. This will go off in the mail on Monday.

In the garden my cucumbers are working overtime and I am now getting 5-6 per day. All these from 1 plant I divided into 3. Good deal I say. I picked my first 2 cherry tomatoes yesterday and popped them right into my mouth - sweet. I am anxiously awaiting the ripening of some of the larger tomatoes. They are the main reason I planted the garden.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend filled with lots of stitching, sewing, and relaxing!


Berit said...

Myra, this is so lovely! I am sure your partner will be so thrilled! I was about to say, "What a coincidence!" because I myself am doing the finishing on a christmas ornament today, BUT, in the stitching world is it really? lol I think I am the opposite of you with Halloween being my favorite, and Christmas no. 2.

I share your excitement for the garden's crop, too! I know you put in a lot of work on it in the HEAT! Tomatoes are hard to grow, I understand. Last year, I grew some mild Japanese peppers called shisito (tiny, but the flavor is like a bell pepper with a "black pepper" flavor). But, in the end, they came out SO spicy!! They were all alone on my balcony, so I just can't imagine how they got cross-pollinated! My darling guy said "They take after their mom!" lol

At any rate, can't wait to hear about your tomatoes; enjoy the weekend in the meantime.

PunkiePie said...

Pretty, pretty ornament! Too bad you can't freeze cucumbers. You're going to have them coming out of your ears soon!

Crispy said...

Very pretty ornament Myra. Too bad I don't live close by to help you eat your cukes and tomatoes LOL.


Cole said...

Pretty ornament! Have a great weekend!

Carol said...

Cute freebie Myra--you are so good about actually finishing finishing your pieces. Something I have to work harder on! Just got back from vacationing in your lovely state--now to catch up on all of my blog-reading :)