Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Downfall(s)

I knew Dogs Day Out would be in trouble once these hit the newsstands. I have the Halloween issue in hand and am eagerly awaiting the release of the Christmas Ornament issue.

I just can't resist these little ornaments. They call to me from the pages when I try to sleep at night. They peek at me when I am stitching something else. What's a girl to do?!
The little witch's boot is a must stitch for me as I seem to have a thing for witch boots lately. Perhaps I should buy myself a pair in which to parade around my house. I already have some purple striped socks and the haggard look which would go together quite nicely. :o) Oh and there is a wonderful larger Halloween piece in there that I love. (It has a black cat that reminds me of Ziggy)

Of course, about the time I get my fill of the little Halloweenie thingys, the next one will arrive and there will be angels, and Santas, and Snowmen humming Christmas carols from within those glossy pages.
Sigh........the poor puppies may have to wait a few months. But then again, I TOLD myself this was going to happen. Why don't I listen to myself?


Crispy said...

You don't look the least bit haggard, you have a lovely face LOL. Isn't that the way it goes with our hobbies, the next thing is always so appealing :0)


Carol said...

The only time I wish I was in my twenties again is when I realize I don't have as much stitching time left as someone that young! There are just so many great projects out there and so little time to stitch all of them. And you certainly don't look haggard--I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read that comment! Have a nice weekend (it's supposed to rain up here both days--boo!!!).

Tracey said...

I completely understand!! I pulled out my Halloween issue from LAST year because I never made time to stitch anything from it. Definitely going to this year. I am so in a fall mood!

Ranae said...

I love the Halloween too and before we know it, there will be the Christmas one. My head is spinning,lol
Thanks again for the super nice fabric's, they will come in handy.

pollyanna said...

Your delightful cross stitch ornaments are so wonder you have the urge to do every one of them. Those boots are a must yes! And get yourself a pair to wear every day...why save them for Halloween only? LOL