Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Why do I seem so busy right now? I haven't really even started any Christmas shopping, it hasn't been overly busy at work, and I haven't had a spur of housecleaning to mention. Harumph! I have no idea but it seems I always have something I have to do that isn't necessarily what I want to do.

I received another ornament from my swap on The Quilting Bee. This one is from Evie and I was suprised and happy to see that it is a cross stitched one. I just love those tiny cinnamon sticks at the top - such a great finishing touch.

Last night we had our Christmas party for work at the local steakhouse. We stuffed ourself with delicious food and then played a rousing game of Dirty Santa. I contributed one of my Wonder Wallets to the mix and I believe it was the most stolen gift at the table.

No stitching to show as I am working on an exchange piece that you won't be able to see until February. I have also been sewing some project bags - pictures of those later this week.

I hope you all had a wonderful (not too stressful) weekend and will have an even better week!


Debi said...

Beautiful ornament and I just love the Wonder Wallets. I have not even started my shopping, except for the grandkids which had to be mailed by last week.

Carol said...

What a pretty ornament you received, Myra--the cinnamon sticks are sweet--great idea of future ornament making :)

And I'm jealous of your Christmas work party at a steakhouse! I brought my Christmas "bonus" home this week and shared it with the family last night at dinner--guess what it was? One red apple--I kid you not! Oh, the joys of being a public servant. And yet, I love my job so it is all worth while :)

Have only bought presents for one son so far--hope to do more today online... Have fun preparing for Christmas!

Crispy said...

Tis the season to be busy even if we try not to be LOL. The one gift I bought is ready to be shipped off and I'm all done Woo Hoo LOL.


Berit said...

Your first paragraph is me to at T this month! I just could not have put it more exactly. I've been writing it off as "Holiday Stress"; do you suppose that's what it is?

Well, for me it's also the fact that we ordered a new TV at Thanksgiving which finally arrived, and then we had to get all the wires...and then we had to re-do the entertainment center....and then the living room. Well, the whole thing has been snowballing! So, no stitching or Christmas decorating! I am so looking forward to vegging under the tree!

How fancy that you got a "surprise" x stitch ornament! And, also how gratifying that your gift was so popular! Steakhouses are wonderful; I'm glad to hear you all had a good time.

pinta said...

Myra, please send me an email to so I can send you the charts of october and november.

Daffycat said...

I'm not ready for the holiday, no tree up, no presents wrapped, some still need to be purchased! Just can't get motivated this year!

PunkiePie said...

I'm almost done shopping but nothing is wrapped. I will work on that next week when I'm off from work. WOOHOOO! My tree is in the stand but nothing is on it. No lights, no ornaments. Nothing. We'll work on that tomorrow night.

The ornament you received is too cute, Myra!