Sunday, January 3, 2010

About 2010

Since I have made pretty good progress on "A Brave New Year" I thought I would post a picture. I am using the DMC as charted on HDF 35 count mystery linen. This is really turning out to be relaxing to stitch with enough color changes to keep it from being boring but not so many as to be aggravating.

It seems that everyone around blogland is listing their stiching/quilting/crafting goals for the New Year. Me? I can't really say as I have any "goals" so to speak. I might accomplish more if I were a goal setter but I am not. Never have been and probably never will be. There are some things I plan to accomplish this year with my stitching and crafting but we all know the old adage - the best laid plans...

With that in mind I plan to:

-Stich one Christmas ornament per month.

-Make more Halloween ornaments because I really enjoyed dressing up the house for Halloween this year.

-Finish "A Brave New Year".

Start on Blackbird Designs "Where My Heart Blooms" and finish it.

- I just ordered these Sampler Months and plan to complete all of them this year.

- Quilt at least one of the quilt tops I have stashed in a drawer.

-Participate in 3 or 4 exchanges.

So that is that. I plan to continue to enjoy whatever needlework I choose to do and not put a lot of pressure on myself. I plan to enjoy the journey more than the destination. :o)

Lola says it is time to get back to the Panther game now. Steaks on the grill for dinner - Yum!


Ranae said...

Happy New Year, Myra
Love the WIP.
I am not a goal person either.
Good Luck on the list and many more accomplishes for the year.
Lola looks so comfy

BeckySC said...

Your WIP looks wonderful, Myra :)

Are you freezing there??? We sure are..BRRR!!!

Have a great week :)

carol said...
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Carol said...

I love your WIP, Myra--the colors are so pretty together! And I think you're taking the right approach to stitching plans for I said in my blog, I plan just to stitch for the joy of stitching. (I wish I also felt the same joy in finishing--LOL!!)

Looks like Lola is off to a relaxing start for the new year!

Crispy said...

You have the right idea on goal setting, enjoy the process!! Love the Brave New Year project :0)


Jan said...

I, too have to remember the journey , not the destination!!! Thanks for the reminder! I didn't make any resolutions this year, just take each day as it comes! Happy New Year! Love the picture of Lola!

PunkiePie said...

Good luck with your 2010 goals, Myra. Happy 2010 to you!

Ann said...

Think I'll join you will your idea for a Christmas ornament each month Myra, good idea. Love the picture of Lola!!!

Xangles said...

Happy New Year, dear Myra!
As you know I share you views about detailed goals. Life for me is so full of serendipity (that's my excuse, anyway!) Wishing you many happy stitches :-)
{hugs} Pokua