Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brave New Year

"A Brave New Year"
designed by Beth Twist of Heartstring Primitives
HDF 35 ct Mystery Linen -- DMC Floss

I put the final stitches in this little beauty this morning and I just love it! I had to relocate my initials because they were too wide for the area where charted. On the 35 count linen this should fit perfectly into a 5"x7" frame - now to find a frame. :o)

It has been sooooo cold here. (I know everyone else in the county is saying that too, I can relate!) Thus far we haven't lit a fire in our fireplace but that is about to change. We haven't because - #1, I have never had a fireplace and I am a little scared of having a real live fire in the house. #2, I am not 100% certain the chimney and such are safe in this new house. We had a home inspector in but truth is, they don't pay much attention to chimneys as long as they are standing and aren't crumbling. And #3, I am still a little afraid of fire in the house. I have a certified chimney inspector coming to visit this week and he will inspect and clean it if needed. I know I will feel a lot better about it after he comes and I am actually looking forward to being able to cozy up by the fire with my stitching.
Stay inside, stay warm, and sew or stitch a lot! Have a great week too. :o)


FayeRaye said...

Nice job!! I love the colors! Faye

Blu said...

Congrats! It's very pretty~

Catherine said...

Lovely finish!

So glad to hear that you are having someone come to check out your chimney - neighbors of ours had a chimney fire last year - they were lucky, but it was still scary none-the-less.

Nic said...

That's lovely!

Ann said...

Beautiful sampler Myra, I love it. Hope you get to have your cosy fire and that the chimney is ok.

Crispy said...

Oooo pretty Myra. Do you use a hoop when stitching?


Carol said...

Spectacular, Myra--those colors are just amazing. Don't you love it when a piece fits perfectly into a standard sized frame? Wish more designers would think of that when they create their patterns!

Stay warm!! It was one degree when I woke up yesterday...brrrrrrr :)

Dawn said...

Myra, thats the colours.



Andrea said...

Congratulations on a wonderful finish.

Berit said...

Oooh; a fireplace! How lovely! Please update us on how it all goes. :D

Love this finish; the rearing lions are the best. ;)

PunkiePie said...

Very pretty Myra!