Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Start

While I am waiting for my monthly sampler patterns to arrive I decided to start this. I think I am going to love stitching this and plan to take my time with it. I'll stitch a bit on this, stitch a small or two, and then come back to this. The linen is very different for me after stitching on the Hand Dyed Fibers linen - this stuff is like cardboard - but the color is fabulous for the piece.

As you can see from my last post our fireplace checked out perfectly and we were enjoying the warm fire earlier this week. Our high has been in the lower 50's the past couple of days (finally!) so we haven't used the fireplace. I would really like to have a good snow that keeps me from going to work so I can sit by the fire and stitch all day. :O) I know some of your are cursing the snow right now but I really like a good snow or two in the winter and we have not had that just yet.

I have a spiral sliced ham in the crockpot for dinner, laundry is done, so I think I will settle in for a couple of hours of stitching. If you are looking for some good crockpot recipes visit this blog The girls at work have been raving about her recipes and have purchased her book as well.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!


Ranae said...

You will love to stitch this design. I made mine a pillow and have it displayed on top of my couch, everyone loves it.
I am opposite of you, I stitched this morning and am now doing laundry and dinner is not on the menu as of rght now.
Have a great weekend!

BeckySC said...

Hello Miss Myra...what a lovely start :)
Have a lovely weekend :)Enjoy the "warmer" temps :)

Blu said...

Nice start.

What linen is it? I've stitched on a few that are scratchy and horrid. Thankfully only small pieces. It would become a UFO very fast if it was a big piece.

Lana said...

Great start!! That one looks like lotsa fun!!

Crispy said...

Oooo love the pattern, Blackbird patterns are so pretty.


Carol said...

Myra, I'll have to confess that I purchased this chart on ebay after I saw you first blog about it! Don't know when I'll get it started, but I can't wait to watch yours materialize.

I am not good with scratchy or stiff linens--that is why I had to start my Christmas at HRH on a nice soft one like the Belfast that I'm using.

Thanks so much for the link to the crockpot recipes--I love using mine on days that I work :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Daffycat said...

A very pretty new start, Myra!

Be SO careful wishing for snow...we still have snow on the ground from Christmas Eve!!!

Karen said...

Great new start!!

Ann said...

I'd never get a chart that big finished Myra, never mind having two on the go!

Your fireplace looks lovely with the fire going, hope you do get to enjoy sitting and stitching next to it.

Berit said...

Go, you!

I think stitching this by the fire sounds just perfect! I stitched something for an exchange on very stiff linen and enjoyed it once I got going on it. :D