Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stash & Stuff

Did everyone watch the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics last night? I stayed up until almost 1:00, stitching and watching. (no pics of the stitching as it is for an exchange) I really respected they way they incorporated the history of the indigenous peoples of each region and thought it was a fantastic show. Now...let the games begin. I love it all and will definitely have a numb butt after watching as many of the events as possible.

I thought you might like a peek at the stash I got with my gift certificate from Becky. I chose the fabric,floss, and beads for the "Three Hearts" pattern that Raffaella sent me in my Valentine's exchange. I love purple and the colors are gorgeous and just perfect for my bedroom. And you know I couldn't resist the little Halloween pattern - especially when I could get the cut of linen for it too. :o I overspent my gift certificate by a little but now I have 2 new projects waiting in the wings. Thank you again Becky for making my day and week!

We had snow here again last night - about 3 inches here. It is so pretty but I am so ready for warmth and spring. I postponed going to the grocery store until today so I guess I will have to brave the mess and go soon. I am making steak and crab legs for DH for Valentine's Day tomorrow so I better get dressed and out the door before all the milk and bread is gone!


Catherine said...

I do hope that everyone that doesn't get snow often enjoys it. But, I am with you - after breaking the snowfall record this year (and more to come on Monday), I am ready for spring and my gardens!
Stay warm, safe and stitchy!

Berit said...

Oh, My gosh, Myra!! :D

Becky also recently blessed me with a little gift certificate to DSL, and yesterday I was moseying around (as I have most days since it arrived) the site browsing, and I also saw that they offer a cut of the linen with that Hallowe'en chart--and I had all but decided to get it! :D They say "great minds think alike"! :D Maybe I'll "Have To" get it now so that we can be Gift Certificate Stitching Sisters. :) lol!

Those are beautiful purples; can't wait to see your start!

As for the olympics, usually we are all about it, but this year I'm just not feeling much enthusiasm. I did see part of the opening while out at dinner.

Home-cooked luxury dinner for Hubby; he's a lucky guy!! I don't even know how to make lobster!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a great selection with your certificate from Becky.

I quite enjoyed the opening ceremonies too.

Jan said...

I'm enjoying the Olympics, too! Your purple floss and beads are so pretty--can't wait to see what you do with them! Stay warm!

Crispy said...

You picked some nice items with your GC. Don't we always overspend when we have one of those? LOL


Carol said...

Wow, what a nice dinner you have planned for your husband! Mine is sick and not sure what we'll have, but I'll try to make it special even if he can't taste it. The boys will be over, too.

Love your new stash, Myra--especially the purples! Have fun with it :)