Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Mail

Hi everyone! I hope you are all experiencing the glorious spring weather we are having here. It is supposed to be in the 80's for the next 7 days.

I admired Jolene's picture of her new start on Shepherd's Bush "Lucky" on her blog a few weeks ago. It is such a cute piece and ya'll know how I love me some St. Patrick's Day stuff. :o) We chatted via email and Jolene, being the kind generous person she is said she would pass the chart on to me when she was finished. Well, it arrived last week and not only did she send me the chart, but the entire kit! I nearly injured myself with the happy dance I did. I can hardly wait to stitch it but I must as I already have 2 projects in the works and I am trying desperately not to have more than two cross stitch WIP's at a time. Thank you so much Jolene! I just love it.

Then, sweet Norma sent me an Easter surprise this week. Isn't this silly monkey the cutest? He brought along some jelly beans and this wonderful Bunny ATC Norma made. Check out his cotton tail on the back! LOL Norma is such a talented fiber artist, I am always awed by her creativity. Head over to her blog and look at some of her creations. Thank you Norma!
I am truly blessed by all my blogging friends and treasure each and every one of you.


Catherine said...

How sweet and generous of Jolene! And your surprise from Norma is too cute! The green monkey made me smile!

Enjoy all your goodies!

BeckySC said...

Sweet gifts for one of the SWEETEST ladies I know :)
Enjoy, dear :)

Berit said...

Jolene is too sweet! I still smile when I think of the time I won a chart with "fixin's" from her. :D

Deb said...

How sweet of Jolene to send you the entire kit. She has a wonderful heart! And your surprise from Norma is adorable. You just have to smile when you look at it.

Crispy said...

Wow a great mail day for you!! I just love that bunny...too cute!!


Carol said...

As another recipient of Jolene's generosity, I know just how excited you were, Myra! She is like the "Good Fairy" of the cross stitch blogging world :)

And Norma's surprise for you is so darling!

Happy Easter, my friend :)