Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunny and Warm

Painted Egg
The Cricket Collection
28 ct Antique Blue Monaco
DMC Floss

I have loved this design since I saw it featured on Carol's blog. Thanks to Carol's help I was able to find the chart on ebay and just now got around to stitching it. I will always associate this cute little bird with Carol as he was the beginning of our blogging friendship. :o) I finished him as a pillow with dark brown trim.

We have had glorious weather the past two days in NC. Temps in the 50's with bright sunshine. I am so happy to see the sun! We still have a few patches of snow hanging around in our yard. My grandma always said when snow would last so long before melting it was "hanging around for some more to come and join it". I sure hope not!

I started stitching a spring scissor fob to replace the winter one I butchered. LOL I have also put a few stitches in Where My Heart Blooms but haven't made a lot of progress as I am in a smalls and spring mood. I have a ham in the oven for dinner and I plan to reframe my LHN March sampler while the ham cooks.

I'll leave you with a picture of the back of my Painted Egg pillow. I thought the egg fabric was perfect for this little piece. Check back later this evening...I have a little giveaway planned. :o)


BeckySC said...

Miss Myra that is just the cutest pillow :) Congratulations!
I am enjoying the weather here today-I have been outside birdwatching and I am going to return to it :)
Have a MOST lovely week :)

Berit said...

Darling! I love his wing and tail feathers. :) Good luck with your March re-pin!

FayeRaye said...

Love this little pillow~~ And, the blue fabric you did it on is perfect~~~ I am glad you show your back of ornies...I forgot to but am not about to undecorate that tree~~~lol....Have a good week and soak in the sunshine.. Faye

Catherine said...

I love this piece! I stitched it years ago for my mother and put it into a long narrow frame - needlework on top, miror on bottom! Love the fabric you used on the back - it's perfect!

I have felt much better this weekend - sun and warmer temps can work wonders on a person's soul! Now for the yard to dry up a little and the last of the snow piles to go away and I can start some gardening work!

Daffycat said...

Oh my goodness, the perfect pillow for spring! What an awesome finish, Myra! This little birdie so so darling and the egg fabric is incredible! I love it!

Jan said...

I love your little egg and birdie--the colors are so springlike! It's raining today, so I am curled up with my knitting! Thanks for sharing the back of the pillow--love that fabric!

Carol said...

Oh, you finished him, Myra!! The little pillow is so cute and I love the brown ribbon. Would you believe that I haven't finish/finished mine yet and I posted it last March!! And, like you, I'll always be reminded of the beginning of our friendship whenever I look at the little fellow perched on his egg :)

We've had an amazing string of sunny days here, too, but no grass is anywhere in sight. I hope the snow melts by April!

Crispy said...

That is such a sweet the backing fabric :0)

I hope your gramma is mistaken about more snow LOL.


Ranae said...

I love your little birdie pillow and that is some neat back fabric.
I hope you continue to have nice weather

PunkiePie said...

I missed this post. What a very cute Spring/Easter pillow! I love it and LOVE the back of it!

Anonymous said...

Myra, I love the birdie on the egg!!! He's so cute!!