Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jumping Ahead

LHN August Monthly Sampler
28 ct raw linen/CC flosses
Isn't that little bluebird the cutest thing?! I am well ahead for once. I enjoyed stitching the July sampler so much I launched right into August. I love the colors in these (except maybe for the green) and it was fun stitching with some seasonal colors.

It has been so dang hot here for the past week. Our temps were around 96 every day and not a drop of rain in sight. I fear if we don't get rain soon I am going to lose half of my garden. My cilantro has already flowered and is wilting and the basil isn't faring much better.

I counted 52 Roma tomatoes on this plant today. Granted, some of them are really small but will grow and make yummy spaghetti sauce.

And this is Ziggy surveying his kingdom. :o) I was really angry with him earlier this week as I came home to a baby bunny carcass with only the ears missing. Argh! I don't mind him killing the mice, moles, snakes, or lizards but I sure wish he would leave the birds and bunnies alone.

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend enjoying whatever it is your heart desires. :o)


staci said...

Beautiful stitching! Hope you keep cool. It's been hot here and I've been wilting too (I hope I'm not sprouting too, lol!)

mainely stitching said...

LOVE your stitching ... and I'm a little envious of your productive tomato plant! ;)

Kathy A. said...

Gorgeous little stitch. No wonder you jumped ahead.
That is quite the throne for your cat!

Peggy Lee said...

ohhhh...a bunny with no ears? Bad Ziggy...bad!
Your little blue bird is the bomb. Beautiful stitching!
It has been hot here in Kentucky too. We just missed some rain today...went right by us.
Would you please check out my blog? I've just started it. It's all a bit overwhelming now but I think I'm getting the hang of it.
Thanks for being a wonderful inspiration to me.
~~Peggy Lee

Catherine said...

Great stitches as always!! We have had similar weather and desperately need a good day of a soaking rain!

Poor little bunny! I agree, go after the other critters, but leave the birds and bunnies alone!

Faye said...

Look at you!! You DO have lightin' fingers!!! And I sure have enjoyed watching each and every one of these patterns unfold! Maybe next year I will be as smart as you!!!

You are right about the heat. Lee says at home the yard is like straw. Not much better down here at Cherry Grove Beach...

Well, stay cool as you can and keep stitching!! Faye

Daffycat said...

August already? You are on a roll, Myra! Come on over and stitch up my June Snapper...I have a guest room!

Berit said...

Poor Ziggy--"Predatin' Ain't Easy" (I'm remembering that "old" line "Pimpin' Ain't Easy"; I know, poor taste!) I'd feel the same as you about his "kill": Why can't he kill something more pesty? Why can't he eat more of it? Why the bunnies!? I guess the answer is just that he gots ta do it--hey; Predating Ain't Easy.

Love those finishes; you're set up in fine style now to refresh yourself against the heat while gazing at these lovelies.

Deb said...

I'd say that it's always a good idea to be a little head in case things come up for the next month. This is a cute series and August's is no exception.

Carol said...

August looks great, Myra! Sure is nice to be ahead of things. I forgot to ask you if you're using the same frame for each?

Oh, that Ziggy--he sure looks like a king up there! Did he jump up on the truck roof all by himself. No doubt he's scouting for his next victim :)

Our heat and humidity FINALLY broke today and it is just lovely--mid '70s and no humidity is forecast for the entire week. I may finally be able to sit on my front porch and stitch in comfort!

Blu said...

August looks great! Very summery. Makes me long for the beach.

PunkiePie said...

Pretty August stitchery, Myra. I love July's too! I know what you mean about the heat and no rain. We're in a heat wave now and there is no rain in sight. We could really use it too.