Friday, July 23, 2010

Just Riding Around...

...get in! Whewie! And turn up the A/C, would ya? Is it hot or what? It was 100 degrees on my ride home from work today and I think I melted. :o)

Please don't forget the furbabies that stay outside. Make sure they have plenty of shade and fresh water and if they aren't accustomed to being outside all the time, don't let them stay out there very long. Today we had a dog come in with heatstroke that had only been outside for an hour. Such a sad sight and I am still praying it comes out of it. I immediately called my son and told him not to let Lola outside unless he went with her and to bring her back inside when he came in. (It really made me think because sometimes we do forget she is out and she doesn't bark or scratch to come back in.)
On a happier note - Berit and I did a little floss trade last week. I added a couple of silks for her to my HDF order and she picked up a couple of WDW that I wanted. She put a couple of extra goodies in my package that I absolutely love. Look at those wonderful thread drops she made. That little black kitty just makes me smile. I don't own any thread drops and am itching to use these. She also sent a bar of natural soap that I am reserving for my next long bubble bath. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention her elegant penmanship. Her handwriting is beautiful and I felt special just reading it. Thank you so much Berit for the little extras - they made my week!

Take a look at what I have planned for the weekend after I finish with work tomorrow. Yep, 22 pounds of the best peaches ever! I am going to try my hand at making some jam and freezing some. Wish me luck!

I have been stitching on Wash Day and hope to have a progress picture to show you tomorrow. It is such a cute design and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Stay inside and stitch where it is nice and cool. :o)


April Mechelle said...

Great Gifts you received. I have been putting up tomatoes all day.
Peaches look so good !!!

Mary said...

Your treats from Berit are great! I LOVE the soap..a nice cool bath on a sweltering day is in order!
I can almost smell the peaches from here, Myra :) You have enough to freeze and enjoy in the winter when you're reminiscing about the unbelievable heat we have now.
I'm vigilant with my "furbaby", too
It's 95 here at 11PM. I can only guess it's hotter there....Stay cool, my friend!

JOLENE said...

Mmmm Peachie Whirligig and toast with peanut butter and peach jam w/sliced bananas......sounds delish! I just saw your beautiful BBD finish and it looks wonderful! Job well done Myra. Enjoy your weekend in the kitchen....hope the a/c is working good! lol


Peggy Lee said...

Those peaches look delicious! We have a local orchard here that raises apples and peaches.
Have a good weekend!

Crispy said...

What fun stuff you received!! We have been lucky this summer and haven't had the bad heat.....yet but it is wonderful that you put the warning for the fur babies :0)


Carol said...

Hmmm...maybe I'll schedule a detour enroute to the beach and stop in and sample that peach jam!! Yummmmmm....

Nice gifts from Berit! That little black cat is so dear. Looking forward to seeing your Wash Day posting, Myra. Have a wonderful weekend!

Berit said...

Your peaches are gorgeous, and I'm SO glad that you enjoyed those little things I sent!

Seeing you mention about a heat-stroke-suffering animal at work makes me wonder if you work with animals somehow--at a vet or shelter? I noticed that there were some pet adoption stamps on the floss you sent me! :)

Have a good one, and I hope it cools off a bit so you can relax regarding sweet Lola!

Looking forward to seeing that Wash Day progress. ;)

Faye said...

I can smell those peaches for sure!!! They look awesome~

Love how Berit hooked you up too~~

Stay cool and yes, my little furbaby is right inside with me~~~


Kimmie said...

We were at my dad and mom's yesterday and their dogs kept going out the doggie door. After 5 minutes, I was out there telling them to get their tushies back in the house. Can't let anything happen on my watch. LOL