Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet September

September has always been one of my favorite months. It is also one of those months that brings on quite a bit of reflection. September is/was a big month for birthdays in my family - my oldest brother was born on the 4th, my mother on the 14th, and yours truly will celebrate her 47th on the 22nd. Since my brother and mother have both passed on I always spend time in the month of September thinking about them and remembering all the good times we had together.

This blog was also started in September. September 26th, 2007 to be exact. Wow! I can't believe I have been blogging for almost 3 years and have posted 326 times. Thank you dear readers for providing me with the inspiration and encouragement to keep on keeping on. I would also like to thank those of you who shared your addresses with me for my little RAK mission. I usually try to surprise someone at least once a month and just maybe it will be you next time. :o)

Now you know I couldn't let such milestones pass without also having a little giveaway of some sort. I really don't know what might end up in this giveaway as I just decided I needed to have one but you can bet it will involve some of this fall themed stuff you have been seeing in my blog posts. I have several other ideas for little projects involving fabric and the sewing machine and some of those will probably go into the giveaway as well. If you want to be entered in this giveaway to celebrate my birthday and my blog anniversary with me, just leave a comment on this post. I will draw a winner on September 26th. As I decide to add things to the giveaway, I will announce them here.

Now then. Do you want to see something cute? I mean really cute? I just think this little thing is so darn cute even if I did make it myself.

I told you it was cute! I set out to make a pumpkin pincushion that really looked like a pumpkin and this was the result. I am so enamoured with this little thing. (It doesn't take much to make me happy.) I am already envisioning several of these in different sizes and fabrics sitting on my mantle this fall.

I hope you are all enjoying a good week. My husband's family is evacuating from Carolina Beach tomorrow because Hurricane Earl is just too close for comfort. Please say a prayer for those in the storm's path as it has the potential to be a bad one for those on the east coast.


Berit said...

September makes me a little reflective, too. My dear Grandmother, how raised me, was born in this month; well that story's on my blog.

Myra I don't know that I've seen anything better than that pumpkin! I like it even more than the fob, and that's saying something! :D :D :D

I'll be thinking of your extended family and sending best birthday month wishes your way.

chris_stitch said...

Hi Myra,
You are definitly in the autumn mood! I have been trying to be but with it being so hot, I tend just to be grumpy :( Not too much :)
Your sewing is wonderful and the fob is great.
I hope that you find lots of project time over the the rest of the week.

Bonnie said...

I can't believe it is September already.
You found the perfect fabric for your pumpkin. I am in a pumpkin mood too and have a stack of patterns collected.
The only problem is having time and feeling good enough to stitch them.

mainely stitching said...

That pumpkin is just TOO cute! You should do a tutorial and enlighten all of us as to how we could copy you. ;)

Wishing everyone in Earl's path a safe retreat!!

Deborah said...

That pumpkin is great, Myra! You do wonderful work with a sewing machine. The fob is cute too. I live very near the ocean in Massachuetts and we are gearing up for alot of rain and high wind. Hope everyone stays safe.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Blog Anniversary Myra!! The pumpkin and the fob are adorable. You do amazing work with your sewing machine. You are very talented. Will say a prayer everyone stays safe from the storm. Pat

Irene said...

That is one cute pumpkin ! Cute fob too.

Peggy Lee said...

What a cute little pumpkin (and fob too).
I would love to be included in your celebreation giveaway!
Fall is my favorite time of year.
Will pray that your husbands family and all those on the east coast will be safe.

Peggy Lee said...

What a cute little pumpkin (and fob too).
I would love to be included in your celebreation giveaway!
Fall is my favorite time of year.
Will pray that your husbands family and all those on the east coast will be safe.

Crispy said...

OMGosh Myra, that is the best pumpkin I've ever seen!! No kidding, it's so elegant looking!! You are so creative :0)


Wilma NC said...

Myra, you are such a sweetie. And you know I love all of your stuff. I always feel that you might get bored with my comments, lol. I love reading your blog.

Jane said...

September certainly is a reflective month for you Myra and early 'happy birthday wishes' to you for the 22nd.
Fantastic stitching and finishing as always, both are very cute and Autumnal and earthy colours and tones are always my favourites.
I saw the devastation Hurricane Katrina left a few years back so I send prayers and will keep everything crossed that everyone keeps safe xxx

Amy said...

Now that is a CUTE pumpkin Myra - great job, as usual!!! And 3 years does go by quickly doesn't it? Congrats on your 3 years.

I hope you have lots of happy memories this month of your mom & brother. Sending hugs to you too!

And PBS for those on the coast - I knew as soon as I saw the name that Earl would be a big one - though I don't know why I had that thought!

Have a great Labor Day weekend Myra!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Myra You do such beautiful work!! The pumpkin fob is darling.
Thoughts are with you and yours. It's good to have a month to help us slow down and September is a beautiful month
Have a great month
Darlene N

natalyK said...

September is a big birthday month in our house and a reflection time too! My husbands B-day is the same as your's. WOW! I love your pumpkin pincushion. It is absolutely adorable. The scissor fob is quite cute too! Happy blogiversary.

Carol said...

That is indeed, one darn cute pumpkin, Myra! I love the little curly-q thing coming from its stem. It that made of wire?

Your little pumpkin fob is darling with those teeny black scissors, too.

Can't believe you've posted 326 times--congratulations!! I might reach that number in about seven years--my posts have dwindled to two a month... You are still so young--I'm almost 9 years older than you, can you believe that!!
I hope your birthday will be as special as you are, my friend!

Catherine said...

I find myself reflecting this September as well. All three of my boys are now in school full day and I am adjusting to just being me alone in the house all day!

Your pumpkin is adorable and so is the fob and scissors!

Congrats on the number of posts and best of wishes on your upcoming birthday!

Best wishes to your family that is having to evacuate. Storms can be so scary.

Pumpkin said...

OMG! You are NOT going to believe this Myra but my Blogaversary is on September 26 as well!!!! Mine started four years ago :o)

Please add my name to your giveaway. You're lucky you live far away because that pumpkin pincushion and scissor fob might just disappear on you ;o) LOL! Just adorable!

I hope you have something special planned for your birthday. I agree, September is one of my favorite months too. My wedding anniversary is on the 23rd :o)

I'm glad to hear that your DH is getting out. We're really wondering up here how we're going to be affected. I hope everyone stays safe as well.

Jan said...

LOVE your pumpkin---I can see different sizes of that in a grouping, too! You do great work, my dear!

Lois said...

What a cute pumpkin Myra and the little scissor fob. Congrats on approaching 3 years of blogging and so many posts! I know how much I love dropping by your blog to see what you've been up too.

Wishing you a September of remembering happy memories of times past.

Daffycat said...

Oooo, September does sound like "your" month! Please, enter me in your giveaway ~ I love Autumn!

OMG that is the sweetest pumpkin! I hope you are stocked up on orange fabrics because those would be precious in a little pile!

Blu said...

Adore the pumpkin! It's so awesome! Do you have a tutorial for it? Too cute!
Please enter me in your giveaway.

Have an awesome September~

Sharon said...

How neat that your birthday and your blog-a-versary are in the same month!! I hope you have a happy "both"!!! :)
I agree - I love September, it;s cooling down, but not getting cold.
I hope your relatives are okay. We live on the beach in Florida and we were cloese enough that we got the big waves from Earl but it was far enough from shore that we got no damage. My husband and son, who just happen to be my two favorite "surfer dudes" really enjoyed the waves.
I'd love to be entered into your give-a-way. How fun it would be to win one of your "goodies"! :)

CATHI said...

I found your blog recently and I must say, I love the things you stitch!

Very beautiful pumpkin and really nice scissors fob! Autumn is my favourite time of the year, and I started yesterday with autumn and Halloween decoration of my appartment... :o)

And, of course, I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday!

Best wishes

Tracey said...

Oh Myra! What a precious pincushion! I love it! I love fall too-maybe because I'm an October baby. :) Please enter me in your giveaway- and happy birthday!

Diana said...

Your pumpkin is very cute! I'm glad fall is here because the summer was just too hot!

I enjoy seeing all your stitching creations. Early birthday wishes to you!

April Mechelle said...

Pumpkin & Scissor Fob is so Cute !!! I would love to win these!!!

beth n. said...

Happy September! I love everything about the fall too! Please enter me in your giveaway. Ireally love your scissor fob, so cute. Thank You,BethN. (

PunkiePie said...

Happy September to you! Thanks for the giveaway chance, Myra!

Ellen said...

It's great to have your birthday and blog anniversary in the same month. Love your pumpkin and scissors fob, they are beautiful. Please enter me in your giveaway.

Happy Birthday and Blogoversary!


DebbieSFL said...

happy anniversary and birthday!! I would love to be entered into your giveaway!!

Lindsay said...

Great Pumpkin you have there. Many Happy Returns for your Birthday and Happy Blogoversary

Kay said...

Your pumpkin is beautiful! Fall is my favorite season - not sure why, since winter is next, but whatever! Happy Anniversary! Love your blog.


Flaglady8 said...

September is special for me too. My wedding anniversary is in September as is my daughter's wedding anniversary. My mother's birthday is in September and my parent's wedding anniversary is also. Sadly my parents have passed on but I still think about those special days and them.

Love your cute pumpkin. Please consider putting together a tutorial for us to be able to make one of our own.

Happy Anniversary, birthday!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo.....I made it just in time to enter, yay me!! :-)
But seriously, I hope your birthday was a wonderful day spent stitching away. Sept is a big month for us also. My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary on the 23rd.

Mary said...

I can't beleive that I didn't leave a comment for your giveaway Myra. (the emails got me)
You know I love all that you do and share. I would be thrilled to win!
Here's hoping that September was a good month for you with happiness and fond memories....I have a few September days too, that are always special in our house (*HUGS*)