Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Better Week

Hello dear friends!  Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers for me this past week.  I am happy to say it was a better week at work though not any less stressful.  We are all working well as a team and helping each other through the transition to the new software. 

Yesterday, DH and I made a road trip to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some coffee for our Tassimo machine and you know the car just navigated to JoAnn's as well.  :o)  No big purchases but I did find some nice trims and buttons and some neat $1.00 items for the dirty Santa game at our hospital Christmas party.  We ended the trip with lunch at Olive Garden.  I just love their salad and ate my fill while there.  It was nice to get out and about with my husband for a change and just enjoy the day.

As you can see I managed to finish the "Hearts Come Home" design into a pillow ornament.  I tea dyed the pom pom fringe to closer match the linen and the button was one of the purchases at JoAnn's yesterday.  It is a bit larger than I had originally envisioned but will still work well on a full sized tree or as a doorknob hanger.  I fluffed up his beard with a small brush as it is stitched with Rainbow Gallery's Fuzzy Stuff. 

In the little time I have had for stitching this week I have been working on my LHN December Sampler.  I hope to get it finished this week as I am itching to start on the Hare's Christmas kit Mary gave me.  I have also been working on some needleminders using Daffycat's tutorial but the magnets I have just aren't strong enough.  I guess that will mean a trip to Hobby Lobby sometime in the near future.  :o) 

I hope you all had a great weekend and will have an even better week ahead!


Deborah said...

Love the finish! Love the pom-poms.

Faye said...

Software changes can be mind boggling!!! Change is hard no matter what!!! I know things will come easier to you the more you do it.....Just like stitching, right??? Take care and I love the finish!! Faye

Chris said...

Beautiful finish Myra!
Have a good week!

Catherine said...

Great finish!!
Hopefully this week will be easier!

Carol said...

Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing day with your husband on Saturday, Myra! I love Olive Garden, too--their salads and manicotti are my favorites.

Now I must know about the "dirty Santa" game at work! Never heard of it, but it sounds intriguing :)

Your Hearts Come Home looks just wonderful--the little heart charm and pom pom trim are the perfect accents. I've never worked with Rainbow Gallery's fuzzy white thread--is it difficult?

Hope this week is easier than the last two have been!

Jane said...

Hi Myra
Good to hear your past week improved for you, fingers crossed the next ones will too.
Gorgeous little Santa, I too have just bought some little pom-poms but not sure what to do with them yet, they make perfect snowballs don't they?
Good to have some de-stressing time with DH and retail therapy always a good medicine!!!
Take Care

Lois said...

What a lovely finish Myra! I'm glad to hear that work was a little bit better. This week I hope it continues to be better and less stressful!

Bonnie said...

Love rhe ornie and your finishing. The heart button is perfect.
I haven't stitched with Whisper Floss for a while. Isn't it fun?

I like Olive Garden too. My DS and Niece go there while I am working. I don't really like the garlic too well as sometimes it gives me a headache so they sneak off without me.

Some of these word verifications crack me up. lol

Christina said...

That's a gorgeous finish Myra, I love anything with pom poms on it!
Dirty Santa? Is that like secret Santa? I like the sound of it anyway!

Crispy said...

Cute finish Myra :0) I'm curious on this Dirty Santa thing too!


natalyK said...

Love your finish. The beard looks so soft. Joannes is such a fun place to browse. I spend lots of time in the ribbon/trims aisle as well as beads and buttons.

Here's looking to a better week at work.

Mary said...

Hi Myra!
I'm glad to hear that you had a better week...Sounds as if you had a great day with your DH. Olive Garden is a favorite here too. Funny how my car always finds its way to Joann's, The Christmas Tree Shop or the $$store. I love buying trims, ribbons and beads...sometimes with no project in mind!
Santa looks the pompoms
Have a good week ahead :)

staci said...

Sounds like you had a fun day out! I just adore your ornament...the finishing is fabulous!

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like a super day! I love those days when DH and I go shopping :o)

Sweet finish Myra! Just lovely.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

HO HO HO! Great looking Santa, Myra!

Daffycat said...

I love this finish! The pompoms are just perfect for it!