Sunday, November 28, 2010

Birds Galore

Hi dear friends!  I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Can you believe with all the cooking I do around this place I have never cooked a turkey?  We have always gone to either my mother's or my mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving and Christms dinner so I have never had to cook a turkey.  This year, we stayed home for Thanksgiving and I made my first turkey.
Ain't she a beauty?!  LOL  I cooked her on our grill and was very pleased with the result.  She weighed 13 pounds and only took 2-1/2 hours to cook.  I highly recommend cooking turkey on the grill as it was much moister and flavorful than oven roasted turkey.

 Yesterday, I hauled out the decorations and started decking the halls.  I made a few of these cardinals using a coloring book page for the pattern and painted the details onto the fabric.  This one is displayed in an arrangement of pine, cedar, and holly I collected from our yard and arranged in a trifle bowl.
 And this one is the topper for my 4 foot Christmas tree.  I love cardinals!
 I also made a few of these skate ornaments from the "Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle" book by Tone Finnanger.  They were a bit fiddly but worth the effort in the end.

I also managed to finish this ornament that I stitched last year.  The design is "A Spot of Christmas" by Milady's Needle from the JCS 2009 Christmas Ornament preview issue.  Doncha just love the little blue bird and the reindeer on this one?

Stitching continues on the LHN December Sampler.  I just can't seem to finish stitching this one.  Do you think maybe it is because I keep getting distracted by birds?  And skates?  :o)


Deborah said...

Love the new ornaments! The skates are beautiful. How is it that you have never cooked a turkey? It looked yummy.

Robin said...

Your turkey looks yummy! I'll suggest it to the officical turkey roaster in our family, my husband.

Love the cardinals and skates and the little ornament that you finished this weekend! What a clever idea to look through coloring books to find sewing pattern ideas. Your tree must be a beauty!

Faye said...

You did AWESOME on that turkey!!!! Looked like something out of Southern Living Holiday cooking issue!!!!!

AND, the cardinal is too cute! Dont get me wrong, I love the skates too....but, like you, I am partial to those red birds!!!

Take care and I look forward to seeing you Sat....Can you believe it is nearly December already??? YIKKKEEES! Faye

Pumpkin said...

That looks like one fine bird you cooked there! Congrats ;o)

Love all your ornies! I promised myself I would wait until December 1 before decorating but seeing all these wonderful things is really hard. LOL!

Catherine said...

The turkey looks wonderful - great job!

Love all your ornaments! Cardinals are a favorite around here too. And those skates are adorable!

Elaine said...

That turkey looks yummy!
All of your ornies are fab.

Christina said...

I've never cooked a turkey either Myra, nor am I likely to, we never spend the holidays at home. Your turkey looks delicious. I always find turkey quite dry, particularly the day after Christmas when it's turkey sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I'll recommend grilling to my sister and brother-in-law who are in charge of Christmas lunch this year.
I love your homemade ornies, particularly the skates, so sweet.
Your finish on 'A spot of Christmas' is fantastic. I love the beaded border on this ornie.

Berit said...

What gorgeous stuffs you've been making! :D

That turkey looks delicious--ours this year was drier (though not dry, per se) than last's which was Legendarily Moist! Seriously! After last year I'd declared all of us who had a hand in his preparation to be Turkey Roasting Savants, but now I fear it was a blue moon event! :)

natalyK said...

Your turkey looks wonderful! Ours was 25lbs and seemed to take forever to cook. I love all of your adorable ornaments and your stitched piece is beautiful as always.

Karen said...

OMG...that turkey looks really good! Love your cardinals and skates. You are very talented with fabric and thread!

Can't wait to see more Christmas decorations....

Carol said...

Great job on your first turkey, Myra! He certainly is a much better looking bird than the one I fixed! I don't think grilling would have worked for us up here in PA--it poured and poured the entire day...

Your cardinals are so bright and cheery--I love watching the ones that feed at our birdfeeder outside my kitchen window each morning, too.

Love your skates and the pretty ornament--I've always meant to stitch that one myself...

Enjoy your decorating :)

Crispy said...

The turkey is wonderful. I wouldn't even know how to begin cooking one on the grill!!

So many pretty Christmas things going up at your place :0)


valerie said...

OMGosh...i'm just in love with your skate ornaments. They are just darling! Congrats on your first turkey. I'm still too scared to attempt making one on my own. Luckily, I have family that will cook it for me! :)

Lois said...

That turkey looks delicious! A lot of nice Christmas things being hung at your house.

Sharon said...

That is one beautiful bird!! (Wait you have more than one beautiful bird in this post!!) :)
So many pretties - I enjoy seeing your treasures!

Mary said...

Your turkey looks delicious Myra. I never tried grilling one before.

Oh, what beauties the cardinals and skates are. I LOVE to see what you have wonderful sewing talent!

Your ornie finished up nicely. Love the bluebird and the plaid ribbon :)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I'm a little late but happy Thanksgiving! Your turkey looks delish! One year I would like to try to deep fry one. Maybe for Christmas.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Myra,
Wow that turkey looks delicious! I have never grilled one, might have to give it a try. :)
I cooked a Thanksgiving feast and everyone enjoyed it.
Love the new ornaments that you made especially the robin!