Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Saturday!

Ahhh, it is Saturday and I didn't have to work today.  I still got a call at 7:15 this morning because the computers wouldn't boot up but at least I didn't have to go in and deal with it.  HA!   This week was another tough one, still trying to hash out all the quirks of the new system.  Several of my co-workers bodies succummed to the stress and 3 of them were out sick with cold/flu and even the owner was out with a stomach bug.  I am dodging it as best I can - I don't have time to be sick!  Each week promises to be a little better if I could just keep everyone at work.  :o) 

A few weeks ago Daffycat posted a fabulous needleminder tutorial on her blog.  I am always searching my lap and table for my needle and I NEEDED a needleminder.  (say that 10 times very fast) 
 I am just thrilled with the way mine finished up.  I stitched the first one over 2 with DMC on 30 WDW linen and liked it so much I stitched another one over 1.  I backed them both with the red fabric.  Now maybe DH will stop "finding" my needles on the floor.  :o)  Thank you Sharon for sharing your tutorial!
And here is yet another one from the "vault".  LOL  I have searched and searched and know I still have this pattern somewhere but I can't remember the designer.  This was a self-framed piece and was in a plain brown frame.  I popped it out of that one and put it into this pretty one that Raffaella sent me for my birthday.  I don't know if it will stay here but I am pleased with it for now.  This design uses drawn thread work, specialty stitches, and beads.

I have cleaned house all evening - now it is time to sit down for some sewing and stitching.  I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!


Jan said...

The picture frame shows off the sampler beautifully-great choice! Love the little and big cardinals!

Bonnie said...

I love both cardinals, especially the over 2 one.
That is a beautiful sampler.

Daffycat said...

The needleminders are perfect, Myra! I just love mine and am so used to having it...I doubt I could stitch without it!

Carol said...

Cute needleminders, Myra! The "over one" cardinal is so tiny and sweet!

And another beauty from the "Myra vault"--I like the frame that you've used for it.

Hope your Thanksgiving is very special, my friend :)

Pumpkin said...

Great job on the needle minders Myra! I can't imagine doing the 1 over 1 but hey, if you can still see, all the more power to you ;o) I have to make myself one because I'm either sticking needles in my clothes, in the couch or putting them in my mouth. Bad, I know!

Gee, you really do have some gems hidden away don't you? It looks lovely in the new frame :o)

Robin said...

My goodness, those needleminders are adorable! Love seeing your past finishes. I hope you have room to display them all. It would be a shame not to display such lovely work.

Catherine said...

Love the needleminders! The cardinal over one if amazing!

It has been fun seeing all of your "vault" pieces! Hopefully you will find just the right place for it! Love the frame!

Wishing you a wonderful week and the happiest of Thanksgivings!

Lois said...

What cute needleminders Myra! I love your stitched piece, this frame is perfect for it.

Elaine said...

Cute needleminders Myra. Your past finish is beautiful and the frame is just perfect for it.