Tuesday, December 21, 2010

T'was the week before Christmas...

...and I landed in the dentist's chair on Monday.  Arrrggghhh!  After suffering with a toothache all weekend I couldn't wait to get to the dentist's office.  It was either the dreaded root canal or pull the dang thing and since it was a rear molar I said "off with it's head!".  (Not very Christmasy prose is it?)  It is now Tuesday and my mouth doesn't feel a whole lot better but I am determined to make the best of it.  Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen is my friend right now.  :o)

While in my pain induced stupor Monday, I sent my husband to the mailbox and just look at the treasures he delivered direct to the sofa.  :o)
How could I not manage a crooked smile when this little guy revealed himself?  You might recognize Carol's impeccable stitching in this sweet little Prairie Schooler ornament.  I just love everything about it, especially the little cardinal at his feet!  Thank you so much Carol for such a gorgeous ornament that arrived just when I needed a smile.  It is hanging front and center on my tree for all to see and admire.

Then I opened a package from Canada to see that Cathey sent me a wonderful black cat ornament for my Halloween tree.  I love it too and I am sure I will enjoy stitching my first beaded ornament.  Thank you Cathey for bringing another crooked smile to this face.  :o)

I have been enjoying visiting all of your blogs and seeing all the last minute Christmas finishes and preparations.  You are all so inspiring with your wonderful stories and beautiful pictures.  I am working on a last minute Christmas finish that I hope will be complete before the big day so I can hang it on my wall.  Here is a sneak peek:
Only 3 days left and I haven't even decided on a menu for the big day!  I'd best get crackin'!


Chris said...

OUCH!!!! Hope you are feeling well soon. Your finish looks like it is going to be awesome :)

Catherine said...

Oh my! Not the way you want to be spending your days right before Christmas - I do hope you are feeling better!

Carol's stitching is beautiful! What a cute snowman and I love the cardinal as well!

The black cat is so cute - I'm sure you will get him done in no time!

Your last minute Christmas project looks fabulous - Paulette's Hare family patterns are so cute! Can't wait to see the entire piece!

Julianne said...


I am so sorry to learn of your dental pain. I can relate. Let's just say that 2010 has been a bad dental year for me.

I hope you will be feeling completely better by Christmas.

The ornament from Carol is a true treasure! I am happy that you got some nice gifts to hep cheer you.

That sneak peak if your last project for the year looks like a real show stopper.

valerie said...

Oh noes! Sorry to hear about the dental work. That's never any fun. Beautiful ornie from Carol. She is so sweet! And great giftie from Cathey.
Your quilt hanging is coming along! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Bonnie said...

Sorry to hear about your toothache.
Hope you are feeling better as I write this.
I love the little PS snowman. Carol did a beautiful job.

Little cat is cute and looks like fun and can't wait to see your finish.

Carol said...

Oh, Myra, what an awful time of year to suffer with a pulled tooth and the pain that follows...I do hope it is better by Christmas.

I'm so happy my little snowman could help bring some cheer into your painful day... I loved stitching him for you!

Feel better very soon, my friend :)

natalyK said...

I hope you are feeling better in time for the holidays. Dental pain is the WORST! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

April Mechelle said...

Hope that jaw gets feeling better. Your gifts are wonderful!! I love that Jingle Jingle stitching!! Merry Christmas!!

Pumpkin said...

Oh Myra...I guess these packages arrived at the right time then ;o) I hope your mouth feels better soon. I know the feeling :o(

Carol's ornament is gorgeous, as always! I'm glad you liked your kit too :o)

Take care of yourself and have a very Merry Christmas!

Roberta said...

Hope you feel better quick. Toothaches are not fun!!

Love the little PS ornament too cute.

Merry Christmas

Deborah said...

Wobderful gifts! That wall hanging is going to be gorgeous. Have a wonderful holiday!

Karen said...

There's not much worse than a toothache! Hope you are feeling better...too much to do for Christmas to be in pain!

Kudos on your goodies...hope you have a very merry christmas!

Lois said...

Oh Myra, you poor thing! I know how bad the pain will have been when you were actually anxious to get in the dentist's chair. I will hope that your mouth is starting to be less sore. What a lovely gift from Carol and Cathey. Perfect things to receive in the mail when you're not feeling the best. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Jane said...

Myra, I know your pain only too well and my recent abscess still causes me problems that I too was in the dentist's chair only 2 days before we came away hence I'm armed with antibiotics and painkillers just in case!!!!
Lovely gifts you received and the fact that they made you smile and cheer you up is even lovelier.
I've been on the hunt here in The States for Hare's Christmas since we arrived and have finally found a store that has ordered it for me I hope it arrives before we return ~ it's such a gorgeous design ~ I wonder why!!!!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Feel better soon, Myra. Love all the special mail you received and Jingle Jingle is awesome! I can't wait to see it finished! Merry Christmas!

Berit said...

Ouch; how terrible! :(

Best wishes coming your way for resting up and healing soon. Those are some Gorgeous gifties you received, and I just love how Jingle Jingle is shaping up.

I finished my fox ornament...but now to "finish" it! lol! So many possibilities makes it hard for me to pick. :P I stuck it linen edges and all on the tree yesterday and I'm so tempted to leave it there that way! lol!

Berit said...

P.S. I wanted you to know that I am using and loving my sampler-themed pouch to stitch JBW's French Apple in DMC 115 (the red... :)

I am SO loving it! Thank you, my friend!

Also, I've been loading up my colorful birthday pouch with the threads for BBD Mystery as I collect them. :)

Crispy said...

ACK!! Nothing worse than having to go to the dentist!! I hope your mouth feels better really soon!! Wow so many lovely treats in your mail :0)

Crispy - who is picturing your crooked smile and smiling in return :0}

Pointed Stitcher said...

So sorry about your tooth, I hope you are feeling better. You have been receiving some beautiful ornaments!!

JOLENE said...

And it seems like yesterday we only wanted "our two front teeth"!!! Hope your jawline is feeling better. I love your Jingle Jingle, it is such a cute design. Happy Holidays my friend.

Kathy A. said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gifts you have received. What beautiful additions they will be to your tree.
Merry Christmas my friend!

Daffycat said...

Ouchie ~ poor Myra! Once that socket heals you will feel much better, I'm sure.

The snowman from Carol is stunning. What a treasure for your tree!

I adore the little Halloween ornament from Cathey. You will have a great time making that up.

Oooo, your PSS project is soooo cute ~ I love it!

Merry Christmas, Myra!