Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frankenface and a Finish

 Ziggy is at it again! He went missing on Tuesday, January 25th. We searched high and low, rode around in the car looking on the roadsides, combed the fields and forests by our house, called the pound and the local police department to no avail. Still no Ziggy. After 5 days of worry I had almost resolved myself to the fact that he wasn't going to return. I headed out the front door on Sunday, January 30th and there he was on the front porch as if nothing had ever happened. @^$@^ Cat!

As you can see, he didn't go without harm in his absence.  Only Ziggy knows what happened but he returned with a golfball sized abscess on the side of his face.  I took him to work with me on Monday and after a little shave and draining of the abscess he was (almost) as good as new.  I am thankful he returned with no more than this small injury.  I can hardly wait to see what worry he can come up with for me next.  He has now been dubbed "Frankenface".

"Yankee Poodle"
Plum Street Samplers freebie

 I think I mentioned that I am trying to make some patriotic/summer ornaments so I can decorate a tree for the summertime.  Here is my first finish towards that end.  I giggled at this one when I first saw it on Paulette's blog and knew I would have to stitch it.  It has a dog in it after all.  :o)
 Of course the poodle had to have a patriotic bow on it's poof.  :o)
This bunting fabric in my stash made for the perfect backing.  I gave it a little coffee bath to tone down the bright white that it had in it's original state.  A bit of pom pom fringe and a wire hanger finished it up.

Time to go check on the ribs.  Are you ready for some football!?


Chris said...

Wonderful finish Myra!
I am glad that your cat came back.
Poor Ziggy!

BeckySC said...

That's a cute finish, Mrya! The finishing looks wonderful!
I am so glad you cat came home. I hope his injury heals soon!

Elaine said...

Aww I;m so glad Ziggy came home Myra.
Another beautiful finish, love the pom-poms.

Vonna said...

Oh thank heaven's Ziggy returned, albeit with an abscess...the prodigal son :)
I love your yankee doodle poodle :)

Bonnie said...

I really like this poodle. Great finish!
I am glad Ziggy found his way home. Don't they worry you when they pull stunts like that?
Miss Abbey stays in the house and only goes out on a leash.

natalyK said...

That is simply the cutest thing I have every seen (not Franken Face, the pillow) Poor kitty, hope he is better soon!

Ziggyeor said...

Ohh poor Ziggy. I kinda feel for the guy ;)
Hey you never know maybe he was out defending the territory like in Neil Gaiman's short story The Price.

Cute finish!

mainely stitching said...

Oh, I'm glad Ziggy's home! Dan, my orange cat of many years ago, was infamous for this sort of behavior. He was my million dollar kitty (lots of vet bills) and as much as I love our kitties today, I've still not met the cat who is his match.

Love your version of the patriotic poodle!!!

Pumpkin said...

Bad Ziggy! Glad he's okay even though he's a little disfigured :o(

How cute! LOL!

Berit said...

So glad all's well with that scamp Ziggy! :D

I think that's the first Yankee Poodle I've seen all worked up--good job! :D

Karen said...

Poor kitty...been there with mine before too!

Your finish is just darling!

Blu said...

Adorable finish! The pompom is just awesome.
I guess you'll just have to keep wondering about the secret life of Agent Double-O-Z!

Deborah said...

Very cute! You know how I love the pom-pom trim.

Jane said...

Poor Ziggy, I can't even start to imagine the worry he put you through but pets they know how to melt your heart right!
Love the poodle stitch especially the patriotic bow and bobble trim xxx

Lois said...

What a cute finish! So glad to hear that Ziggy came home. Poor soul has been in the wars. Hope he's starting to heal.

Crispy said...

What a cute project, love the bow LOL.

Ol' Ziggy must have felt the need to protect is land. He's probably thinking "Gee Mom, you should see the other guy(s)!!"


Carol said...

Where do those cats disappear to, Myra! Our Shadow did that one time and I really thought he was gone forever. Then he sauntered into the yard one day as if he had just been next door! So glad he got all fixed up--love the nickname you gave him!

And how cute is that patriotic poodle piece (try saying that 10 times very fast!)... Love the trim and that teeny-tiny bow. I'm sure you'll have enough patriotic-themed ornaments for a summer tree. Good luck :)

Mary said...

Oh that Ziggy....I'm glad he came back. I'm sure he's happy to be home with you, Myra
I love the poodle. It made me smile. The bow and pompoms are the perfect touches for your patriotic pooch.

Shelleen said...

I am glad that your kitty came home.

Catherine said...

So glad that your kitty came home!

Love your finish!

Daffycat said...

I'm behind in my reader!

How scary about Ziggy gone missing! It makes me thankful Taco is a completely indoors kitty. His face does look a bit scary but I'm glad he is well and home safe again.

Anonymous said...

beautiful finish Myra, love the pom pom trim I've not yet found this trimming, ,you always pick perfect fabric to finish of your ornies
poor Ziggy, that looks a sore one, glad he came home though