Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's the little things...

Teeny little Poochie Pouches

Needle Wallets
(me - messing around at the sewing machine)

A cute little ladybug, finally finished as a floss tag
(From "In Your Easter Bonnet" Designed by Brooke Nolan)

A fabric basket
(tutorial from The Pink Penguin)

... that bring sunshine to our lives!
(from the PS Sunny Days leaflet)

Take time to appreciate the little things my friends.  :o)


Chris said...

Hi Myra,
Everything looks great. All your smalls :)
I love them all.

Carol said...

All of those "little" things add up to one very talented stitcher, Miss Myra! Each and every item looks great--you sure have been busy this week.

I especially love the fabric basket--gorgeous paisley colors. And who can resist Ms. Ladybug with her sassy attitude--too cute!

I wish we lived closer so you could teach me how to use my sewing machine better :)

Deborah said...

Love all the little things! You do fabulous work with your sewing machine. please move next door to me and become my friend.

Christina said...

Oh Myra, you're such a whizz on the sewing machine. I wish you lived a bit closer so you could teach me a thing or two! I have my own sewing machine that my lovely nanna left me, but I'd struggle to sew anything on it!

Pumpkin said...

My goodness girl! Have you had any sleep at all? ;o) Love all your adorable projects! TFS.

Catherine said...

It is the little things that bring sunshine! As I am reading your post, the sun is poking through brightly after days of clouds and flooding rains! You are so creative and like Carol - I wish we lived closer so I could learn from you!

Kay said...

All of your finishes are fantastic! I need you to come to my house and give me some pointers!

Deb said...

I love all your finishes!! And thanks for posting the links, especially for the fabric basket. I just love that.

Crispy said...

Your little things are wonderful :0)


Berit said...

Love it all-thanks for sharing! I've been trying to make a little quilted bin for video game accessories for a couple of weeks--boy, you sure do make it look easy is all I can say.

It's so "me" to decide that my first project that isnt' a pillow made from 2 pcs. of fabric should be a QUILTED item that I have to make the pattern for MYSELF. lol. :D

I've been meaning to ask you--is that a buttonhole stitch setting you've used on the inside of your project bags? Seems much more sturdy than my machine's "serge" option!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

love it all!

Daffycat said...

Look at all these finishes. Myra, you have been busy!

My favorite "little thing" here is that ladybug! She is so sassy & I love her decorating the floss tag.

Elaine said...

Oh wow Myra you sure have been busy, those finishes are just gorgeous!
Can you come stay at my house

Blu said...

Wow, you've been busy! So many lovely finishes!
Love the basket. That fabric is so gorgeous!

NOSTROMO said...

WOW! Very nice, I like it! Lovely work!
Welcome to my blog:

Lois said...

Oh my, what lovely finishes! I wish I could be as creative with my sewing machine!

Anonymous said...

wow Myra you have been busy, I had my sewing machine out for a little while today, did a little patchwork sewing,it's a 1st for me

Whilst searching for tutorials I came across the fabric basket and little poochie bags, i'm going to try to make the little poochie bag 1st, I love your needle wallets these are so cute, did you follow a tutorial or is it your own creation?