Saturday, March 5, 2011


The kindness of those in this blogging community continues to amaze, enlighten, and thrill me on a daily basis.  This week I was the fortunate recipient of several random acts of kindness.

On Thursday, this fabulous box of goodies arrived from Raffaella.  (No blog yet but I am working on it. ;o))
 She stitched the most gorgous biscornu in my favorite color combination of purple and green.  Her stitching and beadwork on this piece is just divine.  And if that wasn't enough, she sent me the entire kit for the fob to match as well as delicious chocolates, ribbon, and those cute Little Gems scissors.  I think I may start a new fashion trend by putting those scissors on a ribbon and wearing them as a necklace.  :o)

Then today I was so surprised to open my mailbox to reveal 3 packages, only one of which I was expecting.

 The first surprise was from Elaine.  She had read that I am working on stitching enough patriotic ornaments to fill my tree this summer and made me this fabulous R, W, & Blue apple ornament.  Isn't it just perfect?!  She also sent along some wonderful chocolates (watch out hips!), lovely tartan napkins, and a new mascot for my sewing room.  :o) 

Then Lois blessed me with some luck from Ireland.  :o) 
 Now ya'll know how enamoured I have become with those quirky Plum Street Hare's so I was just thrilled with this scissor fob. is stitched over one!  Gosh, isn't that just the cutest thing?  And just look at the gorgeous green floss and the fabric with Shamrocks.  My gold gingers are proudly decked out in their Lucky finery for St. Patrick's day now.  :o)

Then, the one package I was expecting arrived from Catherine.   
I won a drawing on her blog for this lovely bluebird pillow ornament but I wasn't expecting all the extras she sent along.  There was a fistful of gorgeous DMC floss in lots of springy colors, a nice cut of evenweave, the prettiest sticky notes, and a charm pack of BBDesigns Antique Fair fabrics.  I already have the perfect project in mind for the charm squares and I will sew a little something for the both of us to enjoy.  :o)  The beaded hanger is just gorgeous and matches this pillow perfectly. 

It was a dreary day here so my pictures don't do justice to the lovely work of these talented ladies.  I just can't thank each of you enough for brightening my day and bringing such loveliness to the end of an otherwise tough week.  I will proudly display and treasure each one of these lovelies as I treasure our friendships.  

I also want to thank each and every one of you who stops by to see what is happening in my little corner of the world.  I really appreciate all the comments, encouragement, and fun you give me on a daily basis.  I truly believe I am becoming a better person because of you.  :o) 

I was deeply saddened by the loss of Lisa Roswell this week as I know many of you were.  I didn't know her personally but she still made an impact on my life through her designs and her blog.  It really made me stop and think about how precious each moment of every day is.  I have always made it a practice to say "I love you" to those I hold dear and to never hesitate to give a kind word to someone or to let others know I appreciate them.  Lisa's death made me realize that it could be any one of us, at any time.  I guess what I am trying to say is this just reminds me that every day is a gift, we should make the most of it and never hesitate to let those we love and appreciate know how we feel.

Wishing you all the gift of a blessed tomorrow filled with people and things you love.  :o)


Julianne said...


It is clear that you are well liked:)

Surprises are the best!

Faye said...

great gifts for a great lady!!!! Enjoy those goodies!!

valerie said...

Wonderful packages!What fun!

Lois said...

So glad you liked your little 'surprise'! After a tough day in work how lovely to come home to such nice mail. Enjoy them all!

Jane said...

How lovely, your gifts are all gorgeous, it must be a wonderful feeling to receive surprise packages from blogging friends xxx

Wilma NC said...

Gifts for a really nice lady!!!!

Crispy said...

Wow such wonderful gifts!! You trully are blessed with great friends Myra :0)


Catherine said...

Oh Myra! What a great mail day!! Such lovely RAKs!! I am so glad you liked all the goodies!

You and some others encouraged me enough to start my blog, so I am sure you'll have Raffaella up and running at any time!

CATHI said...

Congrats to so sweet and lovely presents from all over the world! :o)

Best wishes

Carol said...

What a wonderful mail week, Myra. You deserve each and every one of these beautiful gifts as you are one of the kindest stitchers I know :) Enjoy!!

Pumpkin said...

Myra, you definitely had a fantastic week! Look at all those goodies from such talented ladies :o) Enjoy!

Measi said...

Wow - what a happy mailbox week! :) That biscornu is just amazing, and I'm sure the photo doesn't quite do it justice.

Friendship Crossing said...

How sweet of those gals to send you such wonderful gifts! What a fun 'mailbox day' you had!! You are so deserving!!


staci said...

Such gorgeous wonderful gifts...enjoy!!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What wonderful goodies! Yeah for you!!!!

Berit said...

Gosh, what a lot of goodies! :o

Thanks for sharing a peek with us. ;)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

What a load of great goodies!! Enjoy them!

Michele said...

what lovely goodies! Aren't stitchers the best :)

Lisa's passing was just heart breaking.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Myra,

I am still alive! :)
Sorry it has taken me some time to check your lovely blog. I have been so busy! Love all the gifts you have received. You deserve them. :)
I see some Patriotic ornies are making their way to your home. Yay
I haven't forgotten. :)

Oh pooh, I forgot to post my TUSAL!

Jan said...

Lovely gifts to a lovely lady! Enjoy them all!