Sunday, May 15, 2011

About Last Night...

We have been having problems with a feral cat who has decided to make our yard his new home.  He runs away as soon as he sees us so our attempts to "tame" him have failed.  Of course, Ziggy tries to defend his territory and ends up getting beat up...repeatedly.  This cat is about twice the size of Ziggy and Ziggy is not a small cat - around 12 lbs.  It has gotten to the point that Ziggy no longer hangs out in our front yard.  He would rather take his chances in the back yard with Lola in the fence than feel compelled to defend his territory all the time and end up with bites and scratches all over. 

I decided to trap this cat, take him to work and have him neutered and vaccinated and then try to find him a new home.  Having baited the trap with some yummy fish flavored cat food, I set it on our front porch and went to bed for the night.  This morning when I awoke, the first thing I did was look through the peephole on our door and check the trap.  Bingo!  Gotcha!

I stumbled to the kitchen to put on my shoes and my glasses and proceeded out the front door.  Guess what?  There wasn't a cat in my trap.

I caught a freakin' racoon!!!!  Now what the heck was I going to do with this?!  DH was at work, DS was still asleep, and I was just hoping that Ziggy wouldn't come around and attempt to pick a fight with this beast.  First things first...I went inside and got my camera.  LOL  I snapped the picture and when I leaned over to sit the camera on the porch this sucker charged the cage and hissed and growled!  Well, my legs were like rubber and I was shaking like a leaf and I nearly did a backflip off the porch it scared me so

I ran back inside and started a conversation with Lola.  "Lola, we've caught a raccoon.  What are we going to do?  I can't leave that thing in the cage, I need to turn him loose.  How am I going to do that?!  Where are my work gloves?  I have to find my work gloves because I am not about to put my unprotected hands near that cage.  Lola, what did I do with my work gloves."  Oh Lord, help me.  I checked all the closets and drawers and couldn't find my work gloves.  I found my gardening gloves and decided those would have to suffice.  Wait, I need a stiff drink of tea before I attempt this. 

So, here I go out the front door again and see Ziggy rounding the corner of the house coming to see what was going on.  I scooped him up and back into the house we go.  I put Ziggy in my bedroom, closed the door so he couldn't pick a fight with Glitter and Lola wouldn't try to eat him and back out the door I went. 

When I leaned over to pick up the trap I nearly wet my pants because the raccoon really started charging all sides of the cage, hissing and growling and lemme tell you that fellow was strong!  I honestly don't know how I managed it but I was able to pick up the trap and walk over to the edge of the woods.  Now, I had to unlatch the door and pull it up in order to release the racoon.  After a few jumps and screams I managed to open the latch.  Now to pull the door up.  Wait a minute!  If I pull the door up, he is going to come straight towards me.

I trudge back to the storage building on my jelly legs, trying to find some sort of stick or pole so I could stand to the rear of the trap and open the door.  The first thing I find is DH's fish net.  The handle on it is about 4 foot long.  It took me several tries to hook the pole under the door handle but I finally managed to pull the door open.  That raccon didn't waste any time getting out of that trap and running into the woods.  It took a couple of hours for my legs to stop shaking and my heartrate to return to normal.  I don't know if my nerves can take this again.   Ziggy may just have to "man up".  Whew!  Sometimes it just ain't easy being me.

If you have read this far, thank you!  I just had to share that adventure and thought you might all need a good laugh.  I can tell you I laughed afterwards but I was not laughing while this was happening.  I do have something pretty to show you.  :o)

 This gorgeous needlebook and floss winder arrived in the mail from Marylin earlier this week.  It is stitched on the tiniest linen and is so pretty.  I didn't know what the floss winder was and had to ask Marylin.  It has so much detail, it seems a shame to cover any part of it with floss.
 I love the little heart button she put on the back.  :o)
Thank you so much Marylin for such a wonderful surprise!  I will treasure it and think of you everytime I use it.

I have been busy in the sewing room this weekend and should have some more things to show you tomorrow.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

OMG Myra that is so scary!!! That would be my luck...Pat

mainely stitching said...

We had a 'coon get into my chicks last summer and without thinking, I charged out at it ... and instead of it running away, it turned to face me and started making scary noises. I know what you mean about 'jelly legs'!! I grabbed a broom to poke at it, and it finally got off the porch but only after it killed a chick. I do not like coons and foxes any more!

So ... what're your new plans for that feral cat? LOL.

Daffycat said...

OMG Myra, what if that had been a skunk you caught?

When the feral kitten bit Jessie and Animal Control brought us a trap to catch it they warned us to only leave the trap out during daylight hours. They won't help out if you catch a skunk! Try only trapping when it's light outside.

A lovely needlebook from Marylin! I wouldn't know that was a floss winder either.

Nancy said...

Guess you were scared...a wild raccoon is nothing to be toyed with...glad you got him out of that trap safely!

Lovely surprise you got!

Jennifer M. said...

Oh My Goodness! I would have been just as nervous as you. Racoons are scary things. I don't even think I would have had the courage to let it go for fear it would come after me. I'm glad you got rid of it successfully though. A scary situation but the story was rather funny. :D

BTW the surprises you got are very lovely.


Chris said...

Yikes! Lots of excitement.
I am glad that things worked out ok!

April Mechelle said...

Thanks for the laugh..I know it was not funny to you! Great Needlebook!
Take care and I think I would let Ziggy it ... lol

Deborah said...

Don't be afended but I am still laughing. Great story and I am glad that you made it through.

valerie said...

OMG, Myra! You're brave! I'd have called Animal Control and hide in the house. Coons are scary! I'm glad you're ok. Sharon's skunk comment is scary too!

Love your needlebook giftie.

Hope you're heart rate and bp have gone down now that the coon is gone!

Irene said...

I'm reading and looking at the picture thinking but that looks like a racoon. Glad you got him out safely, but the comment that it could have been a skunk OMG!!

Jane said...

Oh Myra, I'm so sorry but I am giggling a little bit, it's just the way you told the story but I'm so glad you're safe and unscathed.

I guess I'm a bit of an ignorant englishwoman who didn't realise how hostile racoons were, their fur markings are lovely and I only get to see them in zoos and wildlife parks here in the UK!

Poor Ziggy, would he like to come and play with 2 cuddly bunnies????

CATHI said...

A great story and adventure! :o) And a very beautiful present! Congrats!

Best wishes


Françoise said...

Hello!! I'm coming from Marylin' France!
Your present for her was so beautiful!!!
Enjoy a lovely week!
See you soon.
Friendly yours.

Catherine said...

Oh my! What an adventure you had!!! Good thing it was just a nasty coon and not a skunk! Phew!

Lovely gift you received!!

robindefender said...

I loved your raccoon story. Glad you didn't come to any harm from him, and I hope you have a cat in the trap next time... assuming you have the nerve to try again!

Crispy said...

Oh Myra, I would be screaming and jumping too!! Thank goodness it wasn't a skunk in that cage (this happened to a neighbor once).

Thank you for the good chuckle this morning though LOL.


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Myra, I would have peed my pants! Then I would curl up into a ball and cry and THEN I would have called my husband and DEMAND he come up and get rid of the raccoon! You are so brave! Or I would have called Animal Control to get the raccoon out of the cage. Brave, brave woman you are!

Jan said...

What an adventure you had! What's the next step for the feral kitty? Love your little gifties! That was a lovely surprise.

Carol said...

Oh, what a wild story, Myra!! Good for you for being brave enough to handle that mean raccoon yourself--I would probably have had to call 911 :) But, poor Ziggy--to be terrorized on his own territory by a feral cat. I hope that cat moves on to some other location--and soon!

Lovely needlebook from Marylin--it is very special, indeed!

♥marylin♥ said...

je suis vraiment contente de vous avoir fait plaisir !!!
à très bientôt mon amie

marylin France

Pumpkin said...

ROFLOL! That WAS quite the adventure ;o) I'm glad you survived it okay.

What a sweet gift and that floss winder is adorable!

Berit said...

ohmigosh Whatta story! I don't think I could have done it! I love the bit about you "consulting" with Lola about the plan of attack.

I guess I'll never know unless I have to...

But, that raccoon sure does look mean! :o Usually you see all these inquisitive and cute ones on the internet. I know the ones that pilfer our dumpster are pretty cute...But, Yikes! I'm glad he decided to go for the woods rather than you. :)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

OMG Myra! Why didn't you call Animal Control? Even if the raccoon was in the cage they would have come and taken him or released him somewhere far from your home. You are a brave soul even if you had noodle legs! LOL
Hugs and happy you are safe

Deb said...

Oh my gosh Myra! That is something about catching that raccoon. We caught one just like that last year in our attempt to capture squirrels that were terrorizing our house. But we didn't have to worry about untrapping it - it broke out of the cage itself - thank goodness. And the squirrels - well, we had to get an exterminator for them.

And very sweet from Marylin. It's always so much fun to receive things in the mail. She did a wonderful job on it.

Natalia said...

Hilarious !!!!! I can't blame him for being so upset. He is just going for some food and all of a sudden he finds himself in a cage with no way out !!! Poor thing. I am glad it all worked out in the end.
Your needlebook is precious !!

Kathy A. said...

I'm so sorry Myra. I just fell off the kitchen stool. I was laughing so hard at your raccoon adventure. I hope you are sufficiently recovered.
They can be such nasty creatures.
The needlebook you received from Marylin is so lovely. What a great job she has done.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog from a link Edgar gave.
Reading this story brings back the memories of last summer when we were cat trapping and got racoons and possiums. Your feelings are familiar the first time I had to open the cage. Glad it all turned out okay and you didn't get hurt.
Just FYI, in our adventures we learned that racoons and possiums love canned cat food.

Selena Slough said...

Lol, Myra! You caught a raccoon rather than the cat you were hunting! However, knowing that the raccoon was as big as the cat, it was too scary, and I definitely felt what you felt on your adventure. That was an incredible experience you had, but a bit scary! Haha!

Selena Slough