Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Could I?

Post about a shopping trip and not show a picture of my purchases?  LOL  So many of you asked so I thought I best correct that oversight right away!
Two packages of Moda crochet trim, 3 yards of cotton ric rac, buttons, 2 pair of adorable stork scissors, and the lovely fabrics you see in the background. 

Some of you have noticed I haven't been visiting your blogs lately.  Our A/C went out last Sunday and with the heat we have had this week I have felt like a slug and moving about as fast as one too.  It doesn't help that our A/C at work is set to freezing temperatures. Then I would come home to a house that was 85 degrees inside. This makes for a very grumpy Myra. :o)  My time at home this past week was spent sitting in front of the fan and trying to stay cool.  Thankfully this weekend has been much cooler and a new A/C/Heat system is scheduled to be installed tomorrow. 

I did manage a small finish this week:

I think this will make a nice addition to my summer/patriotic tree.  I really need to get busy stitching up some more red, white, and blue things or else I am going to have a pretty bare tree.

I hope you all have a fabulous (cool) week!


Chris said...

Sweet finish! I am glad it cooled off some!

Catherine said...

What great goodies and an adorable finish!

Karen said...

What yummy goodies!! Love the pics of you and Faye...looks like y'all had a great day. Love your little finish..too cute.

Hope you have cool air tomorrow...happy stitching...

Jackie said...

Love the rick rack! Especially the red one - it looks really unusual.

mainely stitching said...

Pretty - especially the ric rak! :D

Nancy said...

Nice finish! Love your goodies especially that fabric!

Glad your new ac will be installed this's impossible to accomplish much when it's too hot in the house.

JOLENE said...

How fun~! Love the fun fabrics. I can't believe it....the A/C????? I still have my heater going strong! LOL

Deborah said...

I can't get over the fact that you have A/C on. Our temps have only been in the 60's and low 70's. Great stash.

Mouse said...

wooo hoo stash photos love the ric rak and the scissors too :) we are having hot weather here but not quite up to your standard lovely finish though:) love mouse xxx

Lisa V said...

Love your colourful purchases.
I dont blame you for not being able to do much without a/c. In Australia our Summers are stinking hot and I wouldn't be able to live without mine. Thankfully we are now getting cooler weather and I am able to put the doona back on the bed.

Crispy said...

A nice haul!! Love your little stitchery too. I would love to be whinning about being too hot for a change....:0(


Berit said...

Oh, how hideous! I'm so glad you'll be enjoying a new cooling system soon!

Thanks for sharing the pics of your haul--very fun and VERY seasonal! Could it be time for red, white, and blue already!? :D

Love the "Blackwork" on this PS entry! I'm close to finishing a PS design, but I actually really want to stitch another one! lol! :D

I worked on machine piecing my first quilt top last night (as in the first 5" x 20.5" "block"). The sewing machine is just-ugh! I realized I haven't learned to how to operate a piece of machinery liek that since I learned to throw pottery on the wheel...almost half of my lifetime ago!!! o_0. It certainly requires another part of the brain. and Patience! :D

I'm trying out the "scrap lab" featured on Fig Tree Quilts' blog right now.


Wish I had a better grasp of some of the quilt-making instructions in the mag (Quilts and More). Seems like the belabor the obvious and gloss over the tricky parts in their photo tutorials! I've requested to borrow a quilting book from the Library, so we shall see if that helps! Back to piecing. :D

♥marylin♥ said...

Hello, oh your purchases are sublime scissors are beautiful! Tomorrow I will post your gift!
friendships de France

Pumpkin said...

Yes, shame on you! You're going to have fun with all those embellishments :o)

What a sweet finish! LOVE IT!

Sorry to hear your AC is not working. Maybe you could send some of that warm weather up our way :o(

Daffycat said...

Lovely stash!

It's really sucky to not have a/c isn't it? At least it isn't the middle of summer, I guess!

Adorable finish. Your summer tree is going to be sweet! I'm looking forward to pictures already.

April Mechelle said...

Great Finish and stash !!! Hope that new unit will be cooling you soon !!!!

Carol said...

Thanks for sharing your purchases with us, Myra--sure wish we had a place like that up here in Pennsylvania :)

I love your little lighthouse piece--it will look great on your summer tree.

Did the A/C get installed finally? I sure hope so for your sake...Have a great week now!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Lovely goodies and your new stitchery is lovely!
Hope you are cool again with a New A/C.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Nice finish and great shopping haul! Stay cool!! Not that we need AC here just yet but a MOUSE built a nest on my AC filter in my car. Let's just say the stink was enough not to turn it on no matter how hot it is out. Thankfully my husband got the nest out and a new filter was purchased.