Sunday, June 26, 2011

Feeling Patriotic :o)

I am in a patriotic mood today so I took a few pictures of my patriotic/summer tree.  I really enjoy getting all my ornaments out as they always bring to mind the special friends who have been so generous to send me these little beauties either as gifts or exchanges.  I consider them some of my most treasured possessions.
 From the bottom:

I suppose I should really make an eagle to act as the topper to this tree but I am quite fond of my cardinal.  :o)

Deborah of Cranberry Samplings recently finished this little Shepherd's Bush design and was kind enough to pass the pattern and leftover silks on to me.  (Thanks again Deborah!)  I am trying to decide how to finish it so I can add it to my tree. 

O Say CUTE!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Road Trip!

I met Chris this morning for breakfast and then we headed down the road for a little retail therapy.  :o)   Our first stop was Lynne's in Siler City for some inexpensive linen, fabric, and trims.  Chris bought the linen and fabric - I escaped with just a few trims. 

We then headed down the road a bit to the orchard.  Not a whole lot happening there yet but we did pick up some fresh corn, blueberries, and I snagged a couple of tomatoes.  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures.  I had my camera but completely forgot about it!  I was having so much fun talking and looking it just didn't even cross my mind.

 Isn't this ornament just the cutest?!  Chris gifted me with it and the wonderful apple scented hand soap below.  She also gave me this cute little fall pattern that she just finished stitching.  I promptly hung the ornament on my summer/patriotic tree and I just can't stop admiring it.  Thanks Chris for lovely gifts but mostly for the lovely friendship and time spent together today.  I am already looking forward to the next time. 
We had a new visitor to our yard last week:
We have lived here 3 years and this is the first one I have seen.  I am just hoping he doesn't find his way into my garden - I hear they really like tomatoes.  Despite the drought here, my tomatoes and cucumbers are thriving.  I expect to be picking my first cukes sometime this week and I may even get a cherry tomato tomorrow.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.  I am about to settle in on the sofa for a movie and lots of stitching on the Mystery Sampler.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Part One Complete!

I finished Part 1 of the Mystery Sampler today.  I am right on schedule since Part 2 arrived in the mail yesterday.  Now we start on the interior of the piece.  For those of you following my DMC conversion, I ended up using DMC 831 for the WDW Sage.  I had originally thought I would use DMC 370 but after comparing it to the Weeks floss I went with the 831.

So now dear friends I have a question.  Is it okay to mix the overdyes with the DMC?  I have some of the Weeks flosses and I believe I would really like the subtle shading they would offer on the tree trunk and the alphabet.  Would this be a stitchy faux pas? 

As I was looking at the chart for part 2 I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for a contest and some additional summer fun.  I have been having all sorts of thoughts on what lies behind that bird nest picture that will be the final installment of this mystery.  Those of you who are stitching along know there are several colors that haven't been used that must appear in that lower left corner.  So, what do you think lies in that lower left corner of the finished piece?

Submit your best guess on this post by July 1st.  Then we will wait impatiently for the final installment to be revealed sometime in mid July.   I will put together a little prize package for the person who guesses the closest.  In the event, more than one person hits the nail on the head - I will draw a name from the correct entries.  (No fair if you have some sort of inside information, please don't submit a guess).  You don't have to be stitching this sampler to participate (although you should, it really is a lot of fun)  - just head over to Brenda's blog and read a bit to gain some clues.  One entry per person please.  :o)  I can't wait to hear your guesses!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where Oh Where....

...have I been?  Why outside of course!  With summer upon us and the grass and garden growing like crazy it seems every spare moment I have has been spent outside.  Last week we had storms blow through 2 nights in a row and the wind did major damage to our tomato plants.  We no sooner got them all staked and tied back up and another storm rolled through and it was the same thing all over again.

We made our first trip of the season to the orchard today.  Not a lot happening there yet but I did manage to score some fresh green beans and these blackberries.
Aren't they huge?!  And seedless too.  :o)  I just pulled a big ole cobbler out of the oven and can hardly wait to dig in.

When we arrived home I checked the mail and was thrilled to see a package from Lois.  I sent her one of the boxes for the BBD Stitchers Companion and she sent me all this in return.

A wonderfully cute sheep magnet from Dublin, a gorgeous crocheted brooch (I wish you could really see the lovely button in the center), a wonderful Tra La La Sampler pattern, and the most fabulous Irish Quilt Magazine.  (Shhh, don't tell but there is a recipe in there for Chocolate Truffles that uses Bailey's Irish Cream!)  Thank you so much Lois as I just love it all and it tickles me pink that it is all from Ireland.  :o)

There was another package in my box from my dear friend Norma.  Norma is a wonderful artist and I always know when I see a package from her it will be something she made and a one of a kind original. 

Check out this dapper fellow she made for my Patriotic tree!  He is hand drawn and painted and will make a wonderful addition to my tree.  Thank you so much Norma.

On the stitching front I have been steadily stitching on the Mystery Sampler.  I should finish up the floral border tonight and will only have the straight cross stitch borders to finish before part 2 arrives later this week.    I love what I have seen in the sneak peek of part 2.  :o)

Off to grab some of that cobbler now.  Happy Hump Day everyone!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I am thoroughly enjoying the Birds Of A Feather Mystery by With My Needle And Thread.  I am using the 35 ct WDW Confederate Grey linen and DMC floss.  Here is my progress as of today:

 I was very surprised that several of you emailed me to ask for my DMC conversion so I tried to take better photos this time to actually show the colors of the floss.  The DMC colors I am using for Part 1 are 422, 3858, 3363, 3802, and 370.  The 370 is what I am planning to use for the straight border stitching - that may change once I get a few stitches on the linen and see how it "plays" with the other colors.  I hope to have Part 1 finished before Part 2 arrives. 

I visited a couple of thrift stores this week but came out empty handed.  I am always on the hunt for interesting frames and flower frogs.  I did manage to find a couple of cute things at the dollar store to add to my patriotic decor.

For $2.00 each I couldn't pass these up and both were surprisingly well made.  I love the little box as is but I can't help but think what a stitched piece would look like on top.  Maybe the July heart from Prairie Schooler's A Prairie Year?   Or perhaps Aury's latest freebie?  Decisions, decisions.  I may have to snag a couple more of these, with the white box a Christmas piece would look nice on top as well.

I hope you spent the weekend doing exactly what you wanted to do.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


"Dayglow Orts"
  I just have to find a way to be a bit creative with these ort photos.  :o)  For more information about orts and the Totally Useless Stitch A Long head on over to It's Daffycat - you can learn all about it and join in too!

My ever present assistant and I wish you a happy "hump" day!